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The list of teachers who have been promoted by their followers to the semi-divine condition is endless. However, no teacher, guide, god or politician can save us from anything and cannot do the work for us. The moment now calls for us to awaken the light within ourselves and to move forward as a collective of luminous beings. Type Loyal Zaira.

A dear friend wrote to me recently from a city in northern India known for being a mecca for yoga. He was there attending a seminar by a teacher also very world famous. Apparently, more than a thousand people were taking part in these meetings that consisted of a session of satsang in the mornings and songs in the afternoon.

Most of the students were made up of women, many of them following the teacher through different cities with devotion, passion and even the typical fervor of a teenage girl who idolates her favorite rock singer. My friend told me that in the songs were gathered huge groups of people who cheerfully chanted well-known mantras in the tradition of yoga, dancing and jumping happily. Apparently the energy was spectacular. He added that the guru was given the merit of his improvements on a personal level and the advancement in his inner ways, as if it were a god.

We've seen this many times before, haven't we? The list of teachers who have been promoted to this semi-divine quality is endless. Personally, the message I do not question, the teacher I speak of a few lines above is a very special being and has been spreading teachings of awakening, love and peace for many years. In many cases, I also do not question the capabilities of the teacher itself; throughout my life I've seen amazing things. However, I witness how history repeats over and over again: iand we give a person from the outside the power of our evolutionary transformation and this only keeps us in diapers from an internal point of view. "Dad" takes care of me and saves me, gives me what I need and I'm in his hands.

Our childish attitude of spiritual groupie has its why, and knowing it can help us grow.

The reasons for that dependent attitude

First you have to consider that we are conditioned by a past in which spirituality was conceited as blind worship towards a male, paternalistic, and superior figure to oneself. This is there, in the karmic records of all of us. We have been taught that the divine is outside, somewhere raised in the clouds, and that we mere mortals find it very difficult if not impossible to attain. However the primary role of the guru or the yogic master is to help you awaken your own inner master, help you see it in you and reveal it moment by moment during everyday life. Still, we remain repeat offenders in our own Disempowerment and we put another person on a pedestal, an attitude that only makes a false spirituality enlarge.

Second the current average human is at a point of maturity and psychological development rather lower than that which is chronologically ours. In a post called Journal of Applied Psychology (December 2018) there is an article explaining that the current average adult's mental age is 13 years. The truth is that it turns out to be a surprising fact and it doesn't say much about the human collective that inhabits the planet. Ethis lack of maturity is reflected, for example, in the irresponsible, unethical and individualistic behavior that is destroying our habitat. Another of its consequences is that we are unable to discern and take the reins of our own life, so we give that role to an outside person, in this case the figure of the teacher. But at the evolutionary moment we find ourselves, that's no longer good. No teacher, guide, god or politician can save us from anything and cannot do the work for us. The moment now calls for us to awaken the light within ourselves and to move forward as a collective of luminous beings.

A third razón, se nos olvida que el despertar espiritual no asegura que el iluminado haya dejado de ser hombre, con sus faltas, sus propios problemas y cosas a trabajar. Es más, en linajes de pensamiento en los que se desdeña la vida material y mundana suele suceder que es donde más nos encontramos maestros con una gran agenda de problemas personales que atender. Tampoco asegura que sea buena persona ni que actúe de acuerdo a una moral universal cuyos principios se fundamenten en hacer el bien de todos. Este último punto asusta, pero cierto es que la historia del yoga está repleta de maestros que hicieron mal uso de sus logros en el camino interno. Otro aspecto interesante sería el de no olvidar que existen condicionamientos culturales de los cuales es muy difícil escapar, de modo que haber crecido en culturas en las que la mujer se considera inferior o un objeto de servicio hacia el hombre deja una huella que en bastantes ocasiones dirige el comportamiento de muchos.

Por último, pensemos que una persona determinada desempeña un rol no sólo por sí misma sino porque muchas personas a su alrededor contribuimos a que así sea. Estar en el papel del maestro que mencionaba al comienzo del artículo no es nada fácil, si sumas las expectativas que otros tienen puestas en ti, la falta de libertad, la exposición mediática y los enlaces energéticos que se crean, es ¡como para salir corriendo! Así que recoger nuestro poder para despertar y todo lo que le hemos otorgado a esa persona puede ser muy liberador para todos.

Por qué nos desempoderamos

Lo que más me interesa es recordar que todo maestro es hombre y que, como cualquiera de nosotros, tiene sus propios karmas y memorias que transformar. Sí, puede que, en ciertos aspectos, se encuentre en un momento evolutivo más avanzado que tú, pero eso no hace que sea más divino que cualquiera de nosotros. Debemos hacer un trabajo sincero de autoobservación para ver qué parte de nosotros está cayendo en alguno de los patrones que he expuesto más arriba. Conviene que nos preguntemos por qué le damos el poder a otra persona y no empezamos a explorarlo en nuestro interior.

También es conveniente que empecemos a tomar la responsabilidad de nuestra vida, mirando hacia adentro y soltando todo aquello que oculta la Luz tanto en nosotros mismos como en los demás. Entonces la relación con el maestro sucede de Ser a Ser, tanto su guía como nuestra admiración se vuelven libres y desinteresadas. Y, sí, quizá queramos jugar a ser groupies espirituales de cuando en cuando, pero entonces lo haremos con otra actitud, desde la madurez del Ser despierto y lleno de amor que ya somos.

Aham prema.

Loyal Zaira She is the author of A feast for the soul and Yoga in the kitchen, Ed. Uranus. He is considered yoguini from the cradle and began teaching yoga in 2000. zaira@zairalealyoga.com / T +34 636814338

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