Retain the breath

According to some ancient texts, the aim of pranayama is learn how to comfortably stop breathing for long periods of time in an effort to silence the fluctuations of the mind.

This retention of the breath, or Kumbhaka Pranayama practice, is considered an advanced technique that should be developed under the supervision of an experienced teacher.

However, it is possible to briefly stop breathing without submerging in water too deep. Lying in Savasana or sitting with legs in Sukhasana, it exudes a relaxed and you're deeply while lengthening comfortably inhalation and exhalation. After five or six full breaths, bring your awareness to what happens at the end of the exhalation. You detect a slight pause?

At the end of the next exhalation, prolongs this pause for a few seconds. Inspires and catch the air a few seconds. Loop.

The next time that you feel to meditate you will see that these breaks get longer a form of soft and natural.

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By • 20 Oct, 2012 • section: Practice, Pranayama