Mudras: Pushan-Mudra

One more week we dedicate a space to talk about mudras. This third installment is dedicated to the solar god Pushan, who is also the god of food.

pushas mudra

These two mudras are used as remedy of emergency or in the case of chronic disorders. They practiced 4 times a day for 5 minutes.

Version 1

In this mudra, the gesture of a hand symbolizes take, receive, and the gesture of the other let flow, deliver and detachment. Both should be consistent in digestion. It influences the energy flows that are responsible for ingestion and assimilation of food and defecation. Returns the deeper breathing, and therefore also increases the supply of oxygen and the exchange of carbon dioxide in the lungs. It acts to relax the solar plexus, i.e., on the area of the stomach, liver, spleen and gallbladder, regulates energy in the vegetative nervous system, mobilizes the energies of defecation and detoxifies. It acts in magnificent form on widespread or acute nausea, dizziness, the flatulence and satiety after food.

Right hand: join the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger, while the other fingers remain extended.

Left hand: join the tips of the thumb, middle finger and the ring, while the other fingers remain extended.

Version 2

Thanks to the combination of thumb, ring and pinky energies, the final processes of digestion and defecation are intensely activated. This mudra can be considered an energy pump in general. It also stimulates brain functions. Thanks to the position of the fingers of the right hand, the energy of the pelvis is activated, as if it were embers that are revived. With the left-hand fingertip position, the energy detached is driven upwards. This positively influences each organ, moods and mental processes (concentration, memory, logic, enthusiasm, etc.).

Right hand: join the tips of the thumb, the ring and the little finger, while the other fingers remain extended.

Left hand: same as in version 1.

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