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Calle Ramiro has sent a nice text entitled "The eyes of cats". We also share one of the latest blog entries neighbor's son, titled "The history of the dog at the gates of heaven", which we loved.


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The eyes of animals has always I come very deep. Sometimes look at us with infinite tenderness, at times with great surprise, sometimes with the desire to wrap us, sometimes with fear and others with a supplication vehement or a Flash of uncertainty. I will never forget the look of a bull having been unreasonable, before dying, with tears in his eyes! Or the look of distress of a dog lost on a road, and on which my brother Miguel Ángel wrote a beautiful and touching story. And how much mystery there is in some of these inspiring and sometimes indecipherable looks for man!

But in any case, are without veils in the heart looks, direct and without hypocrisy looks, looks that communicate beyond the misleading words. Looks that humanize humans so inhuman; looks who often want to tell us that they do not understand our aggression, our violence, our indifference, our grudges or our hatred. Looks that we look when we are alone, gunned down, disoriented or tormented. Looks that, as pure and silent, witnesses look at us on our imbalances, atrocities and injustices, emotional disabilities and miseries. And we call ourselves human beings! And Millennium after Millennium continue making this planet a frightening Holocaust, where the destitute are massacred, victimized and horrifically abused.! Where are the teachings of Pythagoras, Buddha, Lao-Tse, Mahavira and Jesus?

Everything is said, but nothing is done. However, the best of many people still trying to make their way through the dense fog of internal, and external constraints as if the soul (or how to call you) don't want to give up, I still had the hope that one day things can change and the beings of this planet (Madhouse of other planets) can begin to be happy and be free of risks suffering and violence.

I share with you an interesting and fruitful work appeared in the journal The country.

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