The knot Celtic of the metaphor of the mind

The writer Ian Bradley choose Celtic knot image to illustrate the character of the primitive cults Mystics in Great Britain. This design of a loop without end, interlaced of tapes serpentine, is found in all the art Celtic, decorating them large crosses of the roads and filling pages and pages of books of them illuminated monks Irish. By Koncha pines-Pey for space MIMIND.

Knot Celtic

"That every Holy that is in the sky,"
Every Holy woman in the sky,
Every Angel in heaven,
Stretch your arms towards you.
You pave the road,
When travel through unknown ways,
Or you have to cross rivers difficult
Or when you have to call unknown homes
"To have a Holy that you help to cross the river"
Irish Celtic blessing

The source certainly is pre-Christian, and perhaps the knot Celtic symbolized the cycle without end of it existence. In the Christian era became in a symbol of the eternity and of the protection. For them Celts was the shield facing the forces of the evil. In the Celtic world, the constant moving water - springs, rivers and lakes - were sacred places, and the knot also constituted the water moving.

The knot Celtic has other characteristics; It is as a clearly defined border enclosing a spiral inside. Is the combination of the movement constant within the knot, and the sense of the limit, the protection that us gives the border. And so is the metaphor of the mind that we offer them myths Celts.

We also can lose us and find us to ourselves, as pilgrims inside the twists and turns of the Celtic knot...

Beginning and end of the road

It looks like a track with detours and diversions, with dead-ends, and that is the good way - the most mysterious-. The route indirect of the mind, that offers a host of opportunities along the road, also us carries to times of expected and suffering, of disappointments and frustrations, of it via of the pain to it via of the resurrection. To the end the knot Celtic us leads to the point of departure, to the person that is the alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of our trip.

The people that suffer from anxiety may find many benefits in the art Celtic. The anxiety, the stress, attacks of panic or ADHD are often the result of too many stimuli external, arriving to create a State cerebral hyperactive in which the mind is obsessed with the fear. The fear comes to produce what more fears: the fear to the fear, by placing to the brain in a State of fear without end.

I have used the knot Celtic as part of the work Mindfulness, helping to placate the State of anxiety, and among all the drawings the best is "Celtic Trinity knot". This design has several advantages: the patient can feel the Lullaby of the flow from your mind, without having to get stressed out, easy and simple way. You can also trace the movement by hand, and even follow it in a repetitive motion that has the ability to induce the mind to a State of tranquility. Is can even start previously with a meditation simple of three minutes, relaxing it part rear of the neck and the part upper, them eyes, the hand, the fingers.
Tracing the curves and spirals of the knots Celtic they involve the two hemispheres of the brain While working through the neocortex. This action calms the body Callosum and the center of the corpus in the bark middle front of the brain.

Make the Celtic knot has the same brain effects that a self hypnosis light, and the brain is calm leaving's move is in mode "fight, flight or threatens" and going to be fully conscious. This shift in consciousness occurs at times to join the design, mapping and charting. The change is made without effort, without the need for special attention. Enough with draw and the brain creates the change cognitive.

Knot therapeutic

It is especially recommended for the patients of behavior agitated, a whose brain has trouble you to unzip their impulses of flight, fight or threat, and they are aided by drawings and breathing exercises. Suitable for States of anxiety, anger, panic, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as neurological conditions involving irregular processing, such as Autism, attention deficit. The brain is it calm and starts from the three first minutes a State more balanced.

If any of them readers are professional, researchers, psychologists or educators and want to structure or run some simple exercises based in the knot Celtic, by please put you in contact with us in

Starting from these first knots Celtic is us recalls that our whole life is a mysterious journey. Sometimes it may seem that we wander aimlessly, without destination, turning on ourselves, lost in the frustration and disappointment, but each and every one of our tours of the brain are contained within the protective embrace of the universe.


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