Rasayana, medicine of the Yogis

On one occasion, reading a text of Swamy Satyananda I discovered that there is a type of medicine that helps to free States of mind and body to be able to take the different steps in the evolution of the self. By Josep Maria Gasset for space MIMIND.

Natural medicine

Certainly some teachers dominate this art which, through certain substances, can lead to different States of consciousness, to thus be able, step by step, go up in the way of the spirit.

Like all have the pill that will take us to enlightenment, but that does not exist. It is a path that will gradually clearing the knots that we have in our subtle structures, which will be called nadis or meridians in different traditions.

There are a myriad of NADIS through which circulates the Prana and there is also a way of applying the prana healing to these channels and free them. It is what calls Swamy Niranjananda healing through the prana or Prana Vidia.

If we breathe we do the prana can circulate our body and our nadis, but with every move of our mind the prana moves also. If I have a mind full of toxic, my prana will go erratically flowing by my nadis and even though work me that will continue to be so. By which is very important do that those winds subtle in my mind, that are associated to my emotions and to my unconscious, are purified.

Swami Satyananda He said that if the samskara not were completely purified how could aspire to make certain types of yoga, or how we wanted to aspire to certain States of consciousness; the only thing that we would achieve would be more damage these disorganized structures.

So as, is worth it penalty be attentive to it mind and observe how flows, and breathing being aware of that the stabilization of the mind I can carry to my prana each time is more stable, my nadis also and course I is more happy, nothing easy.

What is Rasayana?

So some great teachers, being very compassionate, decided to help us with their medicines, what is called Rasayana.

Through meditation and experimentation over hundreds of years, these beings have been able to observe that there are many plants with incredible virtues that can help us in our evolution, that began to build different formulations that it allow to cure the subtle bodies, the nadis and the body, to advance and undo the knots that hinder full health.

In the Ayurvedic medicine plenty of plants, minerals and purified metals are used to cure diseases of the different elements. In the medicine Chinese, for example, is used in them formulas elements that we would consider exotic, but that they see as natural, as them look with eyes of wisdom.

In the Tibetan medicine is using certain medicines, called precious, that can certainly help us in our health; they are pills long experienced and very studied. They are called pills Rinchenthat we can hardly achieve unless we can access them in the Institute of Medicine of Dharamsala.

Say some teachers that these pills should be taken several times a year, in days auspicious to make our vital energy is alive and impurities that we have gained in our energy bodies are released.

For example the pill Rinchen Ratna Sampel is made by what they call the essence Queen, based on procedures of calcification of powder-based stones precious, such as turquoise, corals, pearls, Zi, which is a stone that is considered protective of life, silver, gold, copper, iron and different types of medicinal plants among which lies the Myrobalam, fruits, saffron and more than 70 different ingredients , all enriched with many blessings.

The Myrobalam, its fruit is considered a plant with infinite properties, called Arura on Tibetano-Es used in these large formulations as a plant which helps to prolong the life and as a fountain of youth. Endless qualities are digestive, Antiinflammatory, cardiotonic, anthelmintic and restorative of life energy.

These pills precious are so particular that should take it with much caution and only when are indicated. They should be followed also precise instructions in its socket, since their action will have more efficiency. Also advise the recitation of some healing mantras to improve their effect.

To level general their indications are the following: helps in the hypertension blood, especially in which there is an excess of lung or of wind in relation to them elements. For pain, migraines, hemiplegia, paralysis, facial paralysis, incontinence, memory loss, brain circulation problems, disorders in the blood picture, heart problems, disorders in the nervous system, disorders due to a problem of lung that affects the heart and the vital channels, epilepsy, intoxication, fluid retention. In general helps to clean the bodies vital, rejuvenation, increases the vitality and can prevent them disorders that have mentioned.

The Myrobalam is a medicine that is regarded as a great therapeutic value, and most of these formulas contain it. They say that increases the longevity and provides good health, and makes the obstacles that can shorten the life look overmatched.

Work the mind

The Rasayana is a science that is little known because used it only a few Yogis and others who wanted to use medicine to relax your body and your life energy, the nadis, his mind, purifying it of toxicities.

By that now is a good time to claim this medicine where is combines all the substances to power so keep in form our body and our mind. In the end, although we take all medications, unless we work our minds, hardly will serve us all. Let us work our minds and apply medicines in order to be good, attentive and not let our deceptive mind takes us through the illusions and mirages.

Some Yogis, formerly, went to the forest with these medicines and passed long without eat only purifying is, to then return and continue with your life everyday, with a mind pure, mind of beginner.


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