How to plan your own meditation retreat

Sometimes life asks us to take some time, and it can be very useful to spend it, a little longer than ordinary, to the practice of meditation and mindfulness. One day or one weekend can become an oasis of calm and welcome to silence densely populated decisions for daily life. As it is likely that "never have time", I encourage you to keep reading to find it and organize it yourself. By Koncha pines-Pey for space MIMIND.

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Simplify your outer life during a day can help you to discover and develop deep wealth who lives in you. Because even in just one day, without seeing the mail, TV, without answering the phone so he gulps and dominate your time, attention, and life, you'll see wonderful things.

Our way of life is dominated by the cartel "busy". Take a day to ourselves may seem a little reasonable luxury when you have so many things to do, so much to organize. But those hours you can inspire and give value to what is trying to get out of you.

Couples can also benefit much if they take a day together, supporting each other in a retreat alone or accompanied. Very often everyday life makes us lose our most precious relationships: then, it may be very rich, stimulating and satisfying just be quiet with a friend and one's self, to be aware, quiet way, that is happening in you.

Planning the day of retreat

You do not put that you leave not even home, to put it more easy. Need to prepare a little the day, in order to minimize distractions, and if the weather permits you, order the space and assign a place to every thing. For some people I've seen in retirement, it is useful to have some photos of loved ones or inspiring teachers; others placed flowers, candles and some music. If you see any unexpected visitor, it is useful to greet him kindly and explain that you are devoting to work on a very important project and that you will already find another time to meet up.

The first step, as in meditation is to look "the intention" that beautiful day. Why is it important that day for you today? Qualities or strengths you would grow and take in every day? What practices of meditation or specific topics have the intention to explore in this precious time? I suggest that you do not choose more than two practices of meditation that you already like and you spend to deepen their practice throughout the day. In the event that your mind is distracted throughout the day, choose one: meditation on the breath.

It starts running day

It is ideal to distribute the day in small sessions that are not more than two hours. For those who have not made a withdrawal is useful to not pass session of 55 minutes with a 5 minute pause. In each session to claim your connection with the sources of inspiration that support and inspire your practice

It starts with a practice that develops concentration, as conscious breathing, breathing that goes to different parts of the body, of elemental purification or repeat aware of a mantra or a prayer that you like. Any of these practices will help you to develop the intensity of calm you are looking for, and the presence of mind that you need to stay more focused on the practices of meditation you suggest. It works now.

Once you're already focused and feel rooted, it directs your attention to chosen meditation practice. Beam stress in the quality of care that are bringing into practice, starting with brief sessions that will grow. Three minutes focusing your attention at once, take a break for a minute, you look around and then once again focus your attention on the following meditation time: seven minutes and three break. Continuing with that rhythm of short, focused on meditation and relaxation; ensuring not to fall into monotony, or the distraction. Don't worry about the time, Ponte a clock with alarm, and when you feel the attention you fails,.

After an hour or two of small meditations, quiet and short, sandwiched stretches, your ten favorite poses of yoga, walking carefully, or even move simply. Keep your anchored in the body awareness -the experience of the vitality will take you: the flow of breath, tingling of the feelings and vibrations ranging through you. After 20-40 minutes of full motion aware, returns to calm, it inspires and sharpens your mind, continues with the silent practice.

Reaches the middle of the day

Rejoice that you have reached the middle of the day, you could alternate the meditation with movement. It might be a good time to consciously take a cup of tea and start preparing a meal in a State of meditation. Cooking can be an exercise in meditation full of wonderful, useful to integrate the practice into daily life. Reduces speed and maintains a continuous care that takes you: when you drink the tea, that nothing is more important than the tea; When you go to wash your face or when you cook the same. Every action of this special day is made with friendly and aware, tenderness and with a sense of research, discovery and appreciation of it.

If you look throughout the day dull mentally or physically, it is when is time to face the obstacles... Read inspirational verses; If you have horizon, admiring the scenery, or just watch the petals of a flower to lift your mood. Take a shower, re-energiza your mind, cool it and clarify. If you very tired, date permission to do NAP and then resumes when you can. You don't judge, It is not a competition.

If your mind is agitated or distracted, it may be useful to bring attention to the different parts of the body, the basic breaths. If you are close to nature, go out to walk, see the sunset, the stars, the Moon, or appreciate the wonders of life from another State.

Putting an end to the removal

To end the day, pause to reflect, write in your journal and go to see the beautiful experience points. It reflects on the gifts of the day and on the importance of how you will continue your life. Ask yourself:

  • What has been the greatest gift or blessing of this day?
  • What was the biggest challenge?
  • What more you touched?
  • What you most inspired you?
  • What he most feared? What happened when you faced this?
  • What new directions you caught the attention and how came?
  • What has been the most powerful message?
  • What did you say your heart?

As you consciously prepare yourself to go to sleep, it is meditation last time... a dedication of merit. Tomato seriously thank obstacles and blessings that you radiated during the day, the wave of compassion that you accompanied during difficult times, to share with all the beings who were with you. When the night advances, enters the full practice of the dream, sueña meditations, and when you wake up in the morning, be aware of your breathing, and establishes a clear intention to bring the pace of internal work of the yesterday today and tomorrow, full of possibilities and opportunities.


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