Does positive thinking positive?

We have to accept with joy which cut us conquered rights or to pay us less to work more? Emilio J. Gómez appeals to not keep silent and obedient, but to carry out the personal purpose that nest inside each.


The power of positive thinking was born in the United States in the Decade of the 1980s and had its further expansion as a result of the 90s. What initially seemed to be something like this as a panacea for all the ills that acaecían to the individual, was in fact a instrument of mass manipulation that managed to make them conformists through a submissive acceptance, in the hope that something better happen.

The problem

The mass never directs; on the contrary, it is always directed. It is the individual who realizes what is happening and, therefore, which has in itself the ability to discern and act accordingly. The awakening is always single, never social. The individual is who takes consciousness and understands.

Regarded in some detail, take a bad to good is something that lacks any logic. If something is right, it causes pain or suffering; as a minimum it is necessary to speak up and express it. Its manifestation is lawful and natural, apart from highly therapeutic. In addition, if you look deeper, we will see how behind each expression of positive thinking there is an undercurrent of resignation, and in some cases even of resentment.

At first, positive thinking seems a good idea, but is it? I say goodbye to the job... and I take it positively (?) I work 14 hours... and I take it in a positive way (?) I get paid less, work more... and I'm taking it positively (?)... But this what? Is it that we have become crazy? What sense does it? Who does positive thinking really benefit?

If something negative happens in life, wise is looking at it front. Try to assess the situation as objectively as possible. See what feelings, thoughts and emotions causes inside... and accept that this is also part of oneself. And, a time understood and accepted, study the possible solutions or alternatives, share with them beings dear and next it happened, ask help to them others... etc.

Certainly, positive thinking has a clear incentive: is positive. It makes feel good for the ego. Meanwhile, the individual looks their dignity trampled.

This is the approach of the situation. In labour terms would be like listening to: "This is what it is". Similar expression to the positive approach says: "Well, since I have to be here, I'd rather take it good". Which seems a smart attitude. But it seems so because they have inoculated us virus of positivism in the subconscious.

However, one might wonder: is it really all that there is? Here is something that fails within the system of positive thinking. It's apparent axiom I have that: "Since I have that "being here, prefer to take it to me good".

Certainly, the fissure where positive thinking does not hold water is in that I have thatbecause it is false. It is not true that there is no I have that. It's a need created in the human being for your submission and the surrender of his authentic freedom. The human being is free by nature, but you sell your freedom in Exchange for a so-called security why, Yes, now have to shut up and obey.

The solution

My teachers taught me to never put a problem on the table without at the same time was accompanied by at least one solution. What can be the possible solution proposed?

It is not necessary to break any way of life, or we must not run out of work. It is enough to change the power of positive thinking by an attitude born as a result of a consistent life project be in tune with the soul and that this same grant meaning to existence: the determination. And, let us repeat the words "coherent project", because new positivism virus could make us lose touch with reality.

Where can I get such a project? Without a doubt, is in the inner world. And, we dare to assure that basically everyone worldwide knows what is his own. However, there are many people - too many, perhaps - that, for a cause or another, do not dare even to think in materializing it. So they spend their days watching languish their souls waiting for a situation or ideal, appropriate circumstances... are positive?

If the ideal situation does not exist, then we will create it. Maybe it can happen that as of today the circumstances are not suitable. For this, the inexorable law of the impermanence is converts in our best allied, as does that all is changing constantly.

This knowledge, far from being pessimistic is wonderful, because it lets us know that a port to steer our ship and a firm determination as main attitude if going to be possible to generate appropriate conditions so that our vital project can see materialized. Or, maybe not, let's be realistic. No matter, because what really matters is to try it, but yes, do so with a firm determination.

Such a project is easy to recognize as it is of a concern of the soul that fight to go out and express themselves. And if not allowed, little by little, day by day, the essence will die, although the body that inhabit continue with life. Each soul has come to this dense plane and material to carry out a specific and different work. Finding and trying to carry out what our soul has come to do here is the biggest challenge, the greatest challenge and the greatest adventure that can launch to live a human being.

Create a coherent project and live the existence with a firm determination in carrying it out. Designing an ideal that feed the soul. Build a project of men and women to men and women who live in a time and a society that seems to have forgotten the true values that extol and dignify human beings.

Once given shape and jobs to navigate, no doubt that they will come to sunny days and winds that boost it with joy and decision in the direction of the port selected. However, also without doubt, come winds against and unfavorable, as well as storms and conditions that make us doubt our decision. In these tough times, only the connection with our being we will allow to keep the helm of our ship with the necessary strength through a firm determination.

How to do it?

If you know that, you will find how and with whom. Is possible that the part less easy is the first: find the "what". But, once known, the rest will be much easier. To discover that 'what', our experience invites us to suggest the Radja practice yoga, the yoga of self, the yoga of self-discovery. As it could not be otherwise, we suggest that from my own experience we know that it works: the practice of meditation.

We believe that the practice of meditation sitting and stillness is the best tool to deepen the inner world and meet the genuine needs of the soul, to discover what is the work to be carried out. It is in the inner silence inhabited all of our true desires. Entering the House of silence and hear the message of the soul is the true meaning of meditation. A daily time to deepen the itself is the best no-actividad that can be done.

Meditation is beyond creeds and religions, rites and traditions, beyond techniques and incense. Sitting down to meditate is to perform an intimate act with itself to return to the origin, to stop the world and feel how oneself is not separated from it, such separation was born in mind and is consolidated in the ego. Meditation is to have a time to immerse themselves in the self - and discover that our true nature is common to the all human beings.

However, should realize how do not care to have time to devote to listening to the inner reality. Do not care to listen to you. Interest that you shine in the world outside, that work much and consume more. Why? For what? Who does it benefit?

In these times of economic and social crisis is when ideal conditions to allow individual awakening. Take advantage of them to create a coherent life project that is in tune with the needs of the soul is a possibility within our grasp.

Emilio J. Gómez, teacher of yoga of silence inside yoga school.

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By • 18 Dec, 2012 • section: Meditation, Inner silence