5 ways to take your practice off the mat

Much refers to that yoga is not only practice asanas and you must bring the practice out of the mat, but it is not always easy. Especially if we already have a few trends that we not identify and do not have the advice of a good teacher who guide us to cultivate an appropriate attitude, first in practice, then in the Hall and later in our day to day. Writes Patricia Sanagu.

The events of everyday life sometimes may exceed US, rhythm runs fast, we often automatically solving problems, making decisions and solving interactions. It is not easy to change the pace and stop, out of inertia, of the known, because that implies time. A time that sometimes is too precious, and when we got the rhythm we feel that we are losing it.

It is not: the moment you stop and breathe, you give it you.

If the rhythm of our life is very fast maybe yes we can extend our practice to a shorter but wider than the mat space, the room of yoga, practice time, and little by little go extending it to our House or our place of work. And with perseverance and consciousness, go slowly soaking all the aspects of our lives.

Here are some ways by which you can start:

  1. What is your place.Is curious how the human mind; without a doubt, we are animals of customs. It is almost 10 years teaching yoga and observing how regular students retain a place in the practice room week after week. Have you ever wondered what motivates you to put yourself in that place? Ask you this question out of curiosity; response which may arise can be fun and interesting.

Cheer up, the next class and the successive, out of your comfort zone and grow vairagya, the non-attachment. Explore the different areas of the room and the different feelings you might have are forward or backward or one side or another room. Cultivates the self-monitoring, the level, the exploration. This, too is yoga.

And when you're ready to go beyond, we encourage you to visit new places, different meals, dishes from other countries with other ingredients, discover new music or meeting different people that you can have conversations that you're not accustomed.

  1. It explores new paths.Obviously, when we go to regular classes we put ourselves under the guidance of the Professor and his way of understanding and teaching techniques of yoga. However, at home we can play and cultivate creativity.

Do you carry years entering the wild position, in the same way camatkarasana? Explore your body and movement and find a different way of arriving at the same place. In Anusara Yoga, we believe that the positions should be created from the inside to the outside and based on a deep feeling of celebration, I ask you this: what is your highest expression of this position?, what quality of the heart inspires you to express?

The road to inquire into your unique expression, requires of self-discipline, Tapas. We are part of a collective, we are social beings and in society, we are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment, but when we are alone, and only with us the murmur of thoughts in our mind, deploying the mat and listen to us, inhabit us and feel is an act of will. Grow it. Book daily small moments to explore you.

Your first stand may be the practice of yoga, exploring different expressions of asanas and the breathing, but then we encourage you to ask yourself what you think about the things that read, question your own thoughts and judgments, ask yourself if you want to take those steps that are It means you must give.

  1. Firmness in purity. If I could sum up my practice in one sentence it would be: "line up with the highest". And this means to cultivate my thoughts and actions higher moment-to-moment. It is not easy. But perhaps if we can start with simple things. Keep your equipment clean yoga and your yoga clothes perfumed, aligns your mat in class with the teacher and your classmates, takes care of the material, use it with care and place it in place as you took it. Take care of your area of practice, cultivate beauty around.

The Sanskrit word saucha refers to purity and cleanliness, apply to our area of practice, our workplace, our home, don't let garbage when you leave to the countryside or the beach.

The mind takes the form of what is around, creates clarity, cleaning and beauty in your environment wherever you are.

  1. Take care of your expression.Our actions and expressions should respect the collective sangha or community. Sometimes we come to class and unwrapped our mat without care and hitting the ground, or shook as if it were paper. Sometimes we put more interest in that our breathing is present making it too sound without stopping to observe, and keep it soft and in harmony with the rest of breathing in the room.

Sometimes the same chaos, noise and disorder of a difficult day with us up to the room or place of practice and follow us asana to asana disturbing not only our expression, but also the energy around.

Stop a moment, give you that second and think in brahmacharya, Although it is usually understood as celibacy, in a broader sense it means do not lose your energy in not important /acciones thoughts. No drains your energy keeping it too strong or active. Take those seconds to breathe in and out of inertia, both in the time before entering the room, and out of work.

He grows to stop, breathe a second and then continue. You will gradually go getting that ball does not so large, the load will lighten, visceral reactions to take step to the stillness and equanimity.

  1. It disconnects. It is evident that during a class or workshop of yoga, one of the main objectives is to connect with ourselves, but sometimes we don't give ourselves the chance of this occurring.

I have attended and taught workshops in which students kept his phone about addressing messages. I have been teaching in full class when it has sounded a mobile, even during relaxation. In our practice at home can be even more disastrous, keeping our pending mind mobile, or take a photo to this great posture which has never before left me as well.

The mobile phone can be an extension of many things; If not leave it aside when we put the foot on the mat, how are we going to develop the ability to put aside other things that are around in the mind?

Asteya means do not steal, do not steal your own time. Cultivates the gratitude of the present moment, what takes place and experience the here / now without artifice. The theft is the result of believing that something we need, and the present, is full of abundance, just discovering the magic of breath and silence.

Take your time and allow them to others, your family, your friends and your loved. Leave your mobile and social networks aside, talk, breathe, listen, love, see, creates.

Basically see it as of cultivate moment-to-moment awareness of stopping and observing, and bring your actions and thoughts towards the most high. So we train and take care of the mind, which ultimately is what it is, that does not become an enemy.

What other way continue cultivating your yoga on and off the mat?

Patricia Sanagu. Lover of the movement, words, create art, travel and life. Breathing.


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