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This Friday, March 10 Rafael Álvarez, the Witcher, premiered in Malaga Autobiography of a Yogi, in honor of the celebrated work of Yogananda, the book of yoga most read of all time. The landmark is that it has been this one, to my knowledge, the first work of theatre about yoga in Spain and probably one of the few in the world. Joaquín G. Weil writes. Photo: Jorge Zapata.

Photo: Jorge Zapata

And it was public. Three days packed full. Did well to pick Malaga for the premiere, that here are well fans of yoga, and so I saw in the patio of armchairs, I believe that the public Yogi surpassed the Witcher public.

Rafael Álvarez, the sorcerer, It has a Mental (Manomaya Kosha) well prodigious. It carries head several works simultaneously. Soon it will represent in Valladolid's alternate mode Don Quixote and the Autobiography of a Yogi: "Somewhere in the Himalayas, whose name I don't remember, hasn't much to an ascetic living..."

Onstage, the Warlock makes us partakers of these circumstances, making the audience complicit in his own theatrical craft through a continuous play between reality and representation. And this especially in the moments of humor, the hors d'oeuvres of the Spanish classical theatre mode, which is enlivened with jokes and jokes of thick issues solemnity. And these thickets and depths also saves us no: the divine play of chiaroscuro, the reality / illusion, materialized spiritual and commodity as sugar dissolved in light, the arrow of time that launched from the past is projected towards the future...

Own suspense of the work of the Brujo is the representation itself. The informed Viewer, who has read the work, wonder (while the tickets by internet) cOMO Rafael Álvarez may perform this dense and voluminous book scene in just a couple of hours. And more difficult as it may seem - and I'm not going to be a 'end killer'-, the miracle occurs. And after so many twists and turns, after teasing and jokes, after the hilarious moments and the solemn, sometimes interlinked, as when one speaks of death, with their humorous side, of jokes of shrouds, in the end, it seem like everything is fitting.

The deep truth of humor

The comedy that uses the wizard when it comes to represent the texts of Yogananda It is not a random addition, but it follows a certain pattern: we laugh of the circumstances of all these exoticism represented by someone from Lucena, too Andalusian even to represent Hamlet, because imagine explaining the philosophical densities of Kriya Yoga. It's funny because we are identified with the actor, and very solemn and very Hindu that let's us all, each as it is of Valladolid, Bilbao, Malaga or wherever you want to be.

This humor is a nod of understanding, a necessary update of the universal truth of what Yogananda said: the truth is here and now, one weekend either. And the public thanks for sharing this fact and all the facts. Us sobrecogemos when own representation wanders between the prepared text, the forgetfulness, the lucky repentizaciones and theatrical blood sausages which make laugh to its own technicians of light and sound, they know the script and wonder between smarting and funny how will end all this.

At last true wisdom has always been seasoned with humor. They say of Ramakrishna in Calcutta, for example, that was hilarious, a great talent (almost like the wizard of Lucena) comic. Some of the writings of his disciple Vivekananda also the well humorous encounter. And I am convinced, as I have already stated in other articles, that a Christ or a Buddha, were supposed to be people necessarily good-humoured. Humor-friendly and fine, as it is the case, goes well with the energy of the wisdom and holiness. And the Witcher exudes energy through the pores almost in a way visible neurocientificamente, so to speak. It should be energy streams to keep the audience in suspense with his word and soloist representation two hours onstage.

There is a deep truth in all the self-assurance of Rafael Álvarez (even the devout public thus perceives it), and I think that this talented humor manifested more respect toward the light that millions of readers saw in the autobiography of Yogananda, that it imitates not the mere solemnity and the engolamiento that moves much more than reality more.

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