Inspiring interview with Jose María Doria / part 1

Don't miss this interview with José Mª Doria, director of the Spanish School of Transpersonal development. In it you'll find lucid answers to existential questions and inspiring ideas for your personal growth. You the offer free of charge as the result of the collaboration of YogaenRed with

We bet that you going to like much see this video, that is really inspiring!

José Mª Doria He is a brilliant consultant in personal development and a lucid and eloquent speaker. Writer and moderator of Transpersonal development trainers, as well as founder and director of the Spanish School of Transpersonal development, which occurs monitoring hundreds of therapists and coaches-minded students in education. Its objective is the development comprehensive of the human being. And recently has formed the Foundation for the education and the development Transpersonal, whose objective is offer programs that encourage the development human.

Part 1: spirituality in the 21st century

In the video that today you present, José Maria Doria responds with brilliance to these questions:

  • What makes us happy in the 21st century?
  • What are for you the awakening and enlightenment?
  • You understand how the self-realization and what helps to achieve it?
  • Is possible reconcile the life spiritual with the pleasures and the attachments?
  • Where is Dios currently for the spirituality lay?
  • Do you think that "happens it is good", there is a higher consciousness that governs us?

In the next few weeks, two videos more

Part 2. The revolution of the conscience

3rd part. The roads of inner growth

As you sense, these three videos that we give free Aomm.TV and YogaenRed are authentic treasures for your personal growth. Don't miss them!

The collection "Inspiring interviews"

This project was born from the close cooperation between Aomm.TV and YogaenRed. "Interviews inspiring." "Large responses of great teachers to help us to live '" It is a collection of video interviews on the issues that concern us today who aspire to continue to grow as human beings.

It's a video production stands out for its high quality, both for its content and by its careful preparation. A project that both the team of Aomm.TV as the of YogaenRed We are proud of be taking to Cape with success.

Until today we have published the following interviews:

  • Calle Ramiro (3 videos)
  • Juan Manzanera (3 videos)
  • Beatriz Goyoaga (1 video)
  • Pablo d ' Ors (3 videos)

You can find them all on the YogaenRed Youtube Channel:

Our thanks to Jose Maria Doria, to Aomm.TV, the producer Iconik and to the School Spanish of development Transersonal.

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