Yoga at home: practice every day with this DVD

Get the purpose of practicing yoga at home in a pleasant, regular and effective way with this DVD, an excellent tool. The greeting to the Sun (Surya Namaskar) is the most complete and beneficial, and supports variants of strength, openness and stretch to be able go to make progress. Unique offer: DVD Les Namaskar + CD guided meditation and relaxation + another CD surprise only for €15,50


One of the most difficult of all yoga practitioner challenges is to keep your practice on a regular basis. And for this This DVD is one Assistant rather than effective. Practice yoga and progresses in your own home and guided by one of the best teachers of the time.

Jose Manuel Vazquez He is President of the Shiva-Shakti Association of Integral Yoga, teacher certified by the Yoga and the Spanish Association of practitioners of Yoga (AEPY), Member of the European Union of Yoga and of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). He is Professor recognized by the Professional Association of Yoga teachers in Madrid.

Since 2002 he has directed its own school Yoga organic in Madrid and the training of trainers and teachers supported by the Association Shiva-Shakti.

By what Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar It contains the best of yoga. For its substantial benefits for the body and the spirit, is the sequence Queen of yoga, the practice more widespread and more complete. But you must know their keys, their potentials, so that execution can be transformed into this small work of art of yoga which is the greeting to the Sun.

This DVD of 70 minutes, Surya Namaskar, is a wonderful class and a full individual training to make on your own. Also is ideal for those people that want to continue their practice in holiday, of travel or with their friends.

The greeting to the Sun and its variants

Surya Namaskar, the greeting to the Sun, is in a sequence of asanas concatenated among itself to form an exercise dynamic coordinated with the breath.

Through its balanced and calm movements, integrates the body, mind and breath in a totality full of harmony and awareness.

In this care DVD created and executed by José Manuel Vázquez will find 8 parts or strings:

  1. Alignment and breathing. It is a brief overview of the basics of alignment and types of breathing that will help us to pay attention in the implementation of Surya Namaskar.
  2. Greeting to the Sun Basic. It is a practice that meets the fundamental steps in this sequence is structured.
  3. Greeting to the Sun with variants of opening. Series of exercises in which predominate the arching and the release of the joints.
  4. Greeting to the Sun with variants of force. Practice that affects more in those exercises for strengthening and toning of back, legs, arms, etc.
  5. Greeting to the Sun with variants of stretch. A series of exercises that focus on the deep muscles stretch.
  6. Practice that brings together a series of transitions and exercises dynamic in which is power the agility and the coordination of the breath and the movement of the body.
  7. Greeting to the Sun in couple. Effective sequence of exercises that valued creativity, teamwork and listening to the other.
  8. Takes final awareness. A series of breathing exercises, concentration and relaxation that end and complement our the sun salutation practice.


The promotion of YogaenRed put this DVD on sale Surya Namaskar (double) + 1 CD meditation guided / Nada Yoga + gift of another CD of regal. All for only 15.50€ (expenses of shipping included).

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Gift: Nada Yoga and guided meditation CD

After the practice of the greeting to the Sun, comes rest and connection with consciousness. This CD double are included in the promotion special "body mind"

CD 1: Nada Yoga. Rest flows with the silence of the night and breathe. Empty your mind, it calms your heart, relax your body. It rests. It enters deep States of calm. Recover health and well-being. It rests.

CD 2: Meditation guided. It perceives the subtle messages of your interior. Discover the infinite space of your body. It takes your attention where needed. Empty yourself of inertia mental and see the tremendous potential that there is in you.

With the purchase of the DVD Surya Namaskar It gives this CD (cost real 7.89€)

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