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Where is the person at death? Bṛihadāraṇyaka Upaniṣhad III.ii.13. Translation and commentary of David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu), master traditional of Advaita Vedānta.

Kill death

Bṛihadāraṇyaka Upaniṣhad III.ii.13

"― Yājnavalkya - asked [Ārtabhāga]-, when a person dies his organ of speech dissolves into the [element] fire, his nose" (organ of smell) in the air, his eye (organ of sight) in the Sun, your mind (body of concepts and emotions) on the Moon, your hearing (organ of hearing) in the directions (point Cardinal), his body on Earth, its being (Śhaṅkarāchārya - Ś-: space in your heart) in space, the hair of his body in the grass, his head in the trees and his blood and his semen (the seed) are deposited in the water (Ś: and the element water extracted when from them is born a new body). Then where is this person? (Where there is, resides, to the dying?) (And, therefore, what is its cause from which is born and where returns-where is dissolves-to the die, that is let the body present?)

― Give me your hand, dear Ārtabhāga, we will see this alone you and me. We can not make it through the crowd (Ś: we have to withdraw to a solitary place to see this.) There are various schools that explain this differently. Some say that from where the person was born and where it dissolves to the die is:

-nature - eg. the mīmāṁsakas-,

-the chance - materialists-,

-weather - astrologers-,

-action - vaidikas - ´karma´,

fate or God - believers in God's will,

-in the mere consciousness-Buddhists idealistic- and others

-in the vacuum - nihilistic Buddhists-.)

And they went and spoke about it. What they said was in action ´karma´, who worshipped was the action. One is again good on the good action and bad through the bad action.

"Then Ārtabhāga, of the lineage of Jaratkāru, was left in silence."

Where resides the person whose body dies and from where that person enters a new body? (Ś)

In its ´karma´ action.

Is therefore what is there to worship because it determines our life?

The action of one's self.

The origin of your action is your own knowledge or ideas (more or less correct or confused) and their effect are your own mental impressions ´saṁskāras´ or karma-āśhaya ´el own accion´ in Yoga Sutras I.24 store. That you are what you meditate, what scallops.

How worship correctly to the action of one same?

Who wants a life better, present and future, doing good actions (goodness). So earn merit for entering a body (life) better.

However, the ´karma´ action and its effects are by nature ephemeral, therefore, limited. And there is no freedom in the limited. And not there is true happiness in which not is free.

One who wishes to free from any limitation, here, now and for eternity, must be extremely helpful:

-to the practice of the Yoga: master on the operations and modifications of the mind so that these not hinder the feel directly the own be permanent, who sees-consciousness pure-()Yoga Sutras I.2, 3); and

-knowledge correct on their own to be Supreme, ultimate, permanent and indivisible reality, all integrates it.

This Supreme knowledge and how to do it is to reveal the Scriptures revealed by the free wise and compassionate)Upaniṣhads, Bhagavad Guītā, Yoga Sutras(, etc.) and the Guru.

Ārtabhāga (the disciple, the search engine) then fell silent. He reflected, he looked, for a time.

Will see in the next article how continues the description of her death and how kill to the death.

David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

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Presentation of David Rodrigo (Āchārya Jijnāsu)

David RodrigoIs delivered completely to the realization of his true be and of the truth since in 2008 is was to Rishikesh, Himalaya, India and gave with his master, Dravidāchārya Rāmakṛiṣṇan Swāmījī (Shastra Nethralaya Ashram, tradition Advaita Vedānta of Śhaṅkarāchārya).

During six intense years of self-transformation studied, contemplated, applied and experienced with the master, in a relationship personal and daily, the wisdom experiential and releasing of the large writings complete and original of them schools classic of spirituality and philosophy in India (ṣhaḍ-darśhana) and Sanskrit:

-Advaita Vedānta

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-Yoga sutras of Patanjali with commentary of Vyāsa, etc.

-Sāṅkhya Īśhvara Kṛṣhṇa-Kārikā.

-The rest of the classical schools (astika darśhana): Artha-saṅgraha (Pūrva Mīmāṁsā); Tarka-saṅgraha (Nyāya-Vaiśheṣhika).

-Grammar of the Sanskrit (vyākaraṇa): Laghu-siddhānta-kaumudī of Varadarāja (traditional simplification of the Aṣhṭādhyāyi of Pāṇini).

He was also initiated in techniques of meditation and consciousness in the tradition of the meditation Yoga in the Himalayas with is Veda Bhāratī (Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh).

Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh began to transmit knowledge, practice and experience of Scripture and meditation; and coordinated Dhyāna Gurukulam, the traditional school of the ashram.

In 2014 it life you brought again to Spain, making available directly-without garments or conversions to what not you are-, the knowledge, it practice and it experience of these writings of wisdom universal that come of and you lead to samādhi, the realization of the fullness of the real be of one same and of all it creation: consciousness pure Single, omnipresent, which illuminates your mind - heart and glows by itself. Here and now.

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