The Yoga of patience

The patient, from the latin word patientia, means peace of mind to wait. Relates it to peace and calm, two concepts difficult to maintain in our everyday life, that seems to push us constantly to physical and mental restlessness. Gopala, Professor of the school of Yoga Sivananda writes.

patience yoga

Patience is also associated with the perseverance in our actions, that is with the virtue of sustaining some effort or insist to get something or to an end.

Patience is required to strengthen the consistency, not to return the face back, and is vital for continue forward.

Patience is also the capacity for suffering from without despair, It is resignation to any kind of setbacks in everyday life.

"It supports the insult, supports the offense; is the Supreme Yoga"

In this sense Swami Sivananda He summed up his theory of Yoga when he said: "supports the insult, supports the offense; It is the Supreme Yoga." Bear the insult and offense must be understood in the broadest sense of the word, in the sense of any obstacle not desired in our path of yoga.

The quantification of the practice of Yoga

Many times, especially when we come to a yoga Center, we ask:

-How many times have to come to serve yoga me?

-Two, three times a week, every day?

-Is it better to make a few introductory courses or go directly to ordinary classes and ir learning?

-Do I have to practice at home or better to do only in the Center?

-Do I have to become a vegetarian and changing the diet of my family?

In our lives we have quantified and measured the almost all of our actions, our steps, and at the beginning we do not usually consider yoga as something different in the spectrum of quantification and measurement of time.

Yoga goes beyond time and space

But road and the practice of yoga, as any other path of knowledge, most go beyond time and space and it differs from the rest of the activities and routines that we undertake throughout our daily lives.

We need to get the achievements of our practice immediately. Requires it the time in which we live, in which the vital break, constancy, perseverance, peace and patience are not precisely the virtues that are exposed in the advertising that bombards us each day.

Today everything has to be immediate, any diet, any new sport, game, or leisure activity, must have surprising effects like lightning.

-Summarized books to achieve intellectual achievements who have years of learning,

-Possibility to lose several pounds in five days without starving,

-Meet today in five minutes with no effort,

-Get a profitable profession in three months...

and how many more examples.

Shortcuts for everything

Swami Sivananda said that no shortcut there is in the spiritual path. We have to make a constant practice. Not just for weeks and months, but for years and years.

It is always best practice once in a week for ten years, five times a day for three months and forget about your yoga Center forever.

How long do I have to practice yoga every day?

Once asked to Swami Vishnudevananda:

-Swami, how long do have to practice yoga every day?

He smiled, as did regularly and said that yoga was not a foreign practice that we had to carry out separately, taking a closer look at a particular place at a yoga Center, but was incorporated into our lives 24 hours every day.

  1. Because we breathe all day and night and if we do it with perseverance and consciousness, every second of our life we are... practicing pranayama, we are practicing yoga.
  1. Because our body can be relaxed and in harmony with ourselves, as a rule, if we learn to move savasana-muscle control techniques and the embryo, our movements and our breaks daily.
  1. Because once we learn and inContact the asanas can walking in the street coordinating our breathing with movement to calm our minds, because we can watch the news on television and read the newspaper sitting in a proper stance, as semiloto or butterfly, rather than be saving on the couch stirring our spine.
  1. Because we can simplify the intake of food, tending to a diet in which substances harmful and unnatural disappear little by little our food routine
  1. Because, ultimately, our minds will tend to make all our thoughts and to get closer to the meditation. This is the most subtle, internalize the presence of teachers and the repetition of mantras, coordinate it with slow, constant and conscious breath when we walk, when we expect in the supermarket queue, when we remain in the doctor's surgery, when we moved to work, to school or to the cinema, in the subway or the bus. This will bring us daily meditation.

There is an express Yoga

Yoga is not a miraculous practice with instant effects, there is no shortcut in the spiritual path that is yoga. It can be, but not necessarily, or at least not in the sense of the immediacy of advertising that we talked about before.

Never a good yoga teacher will tell you:

-Learn the position of the head in five lessons,

-Learn how to be vegetarian in three days, not dispense with any of your favorite dishes,

-manages to fold in a cave in the Himalayas, attending two meditations.

Yoga and patience

Swami Sivananda He said the patience and perseverance:

-We must cultivate patience in our practice.

-Do not be troubled by difficulties: bear them patiently.

-Keep patience and diamond will and untiring perseverance.

-Stay in the same place and be faithful to a single spiritual teacher, a method, a system of yoga. Whatever it is.

-The sadhana, spiritual practice is a process of difficult and laborious life. It is a spiral in which at first much effort is needed, but gradually the circle narrows and the effort is lower.

-When you sit in an asana to meditate you will want to immediately raise not because you legs hurt but by impatience.

-Trust in yourself.

Yoga as part of your day and your night

Today we call us be patient in our practice to do little things and practices we learn every day a true persevering path. In this way the yoga becomes part of our life and our death.

This would mean that we would have learned the message of Swami Sivananda:

Spiritual progress is mainly produced in a silent and imperceptible way

as soft opening of a cocoon which turns into flower during the night hours.

Don't get discouraged with the idea that you are not progressing.

Succeed in Yoga is within the capabilities of any. What it requires is a sincere devotion and constant practice.

OM Tat Sat

Gopala, Professor of the school of Sivananda

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