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We present the production in collaboration with Aommtv: 'Great responses from grandmasters to help us to live'. A series of video interviews on the issues that concern us today. Opens this series Ramiro Calle, yoga teacher, pioneer, and writer. (Only lasts 8 precious minutes!)

Calle Ramiro

The first video content

1. the purpose of life

  • Should he have a purpose?
  • What have been your most useful resources?
  • The toughest times / how do you overcome?
  • What's left to live / attitudes help us?
  • Legacy / of which achievements you feel happier?
  • What has been the motto of your life?
  • Your best advice for surviving the crisis

In upcoming videos of Ramiro Calle...

2. the purpose of the Yoga

  • Why does it help to live the Yoga?
  • What the ultimate goal of Yoga?
  • How does Yoga work?
  • How it transforms us Yoga?
  • Can yoga change society?
  • Meditation, the keys to its effectiveness

3. the spiritual search

  • What is the significance?
  • We are born with a mission to fulfill?
  • What is the luggage of a spiritual seeker?
  • What is the goal that lies ahead?
  • Do you believe in the samadhi?
  • Do you think that it lies beyond death?
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By • May 15, 2014 • section: Interview