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Ver el Ser, Īśāvāsya Upaniṣad 6 is a translation and commentary by David Rodrigo, teacher of Vedanta and meditation on the self (see your next course and seminars at the end).

Luz escrituras

यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतानि आत्मन्येवानुपश्यति।
सर्वभूतेषु चात्मानं ततो विजुगुप्सते॥ न
yastu sarvāṇi bhūtāni ātmanyevānupaśyati |
tato na vijugupsate cātmānaṁ sarvabhūteṣu |

"Whoever sees all beings in the being
y el Ser en todos los seres,
does not hate."

(Īśāvāsya Upaniṣad 6)

Who in all as seen doesn't see more than his own being, itself, without differentiation, beyond bodies, materials and subtle.

Who only sees himself at all as seen.

The self, my own being, is the self of all, only one and the same, immutable, indivisible, unlimited. Happiness. Freedom.

As well as the nature of the space inside the vase and outside, in the space room, and outside, outdoor space, is one and the same. The differentiation of the space that we do according to the various bodies that we see in space is a fiction. Such bodies exist in space and there is space inside and outside them. But the space is only one and the same, inside and outside objects, the base where objects exist. So being. The very existence where space and all the bodies exist; the very existence in and out of all the bodies that exist.

Being is not what you see - external or internally - but who sees: the same light, that shines and illuminates. Where it can there be darkness or another light other than itself, as in the Sun there are no evening moonlight.

The itself is permanent, pure consciousness, and not objects about which we are aware, that they come and go like shooting stars in the mists of time. Starting with our own body-mind - soul.


Glitters - It is and is autoconoce.

Light - Rays of the one being reflected in our particular finally and see there (experience) our own ideas and feelings, we cling to them and forget our own being, be unlimited. Us autodiferenciamos and divide becoming our own shadow: our individual, being limited, anxious, fragile and mortal. We divide the space according to the limits of the vase, room, House, etc.

Our finally travels outside our body through our five senses of perception and five organs of action (speech; to give, take, touching hands, legs to move; sexual organ of excretion) and lighting (we know, we experienced) objects and beings external to our body and interact with them.

Self, my own being and all, one and the same, is the only thing that shines (is and is known) by itself (directly) and always:

-In the three bodies and beyond all body. Before, during and after the bodies.

Three bodies are material, the subtle (ideas and feelings) and the causal. The latter is where the ignorance of my being still not has projected the illusion of not being - different objects and beings who are born and seen - in be, but yes partially hides the be. For this reason, the causal body is the seed, the cause of the other two bodies, subtle and material.

The mind, who sees and remembers (experiences) objects and different beings, not always shines (is and is known). In deep sleep, when we sleep without dreaming, or in deep meditation, the mind stops working and does not shine.

Light, consciousness, existence, happiness, is not the nature of the Finally, which is nothing more than more or less turbid and turbulent water that reflects with more or less the same light imperfections, being, perfection.

-In the three times - past, present and future - and beyond time. Before, during and after the time.

Who in all as seen through their senses and its finally not seen but its own be does not hate or want to. Being, consciousness pure, permanent, unchanging, the being of all that is, is known directly into the cave of your own heart. You going to hate and wish when you cannot see more than your own being? What tools will you use to interact with each other when there is no other or instruments at your heart cave?

It dilutes your ego in life itself that shines into the cave of your heart and that fills you with evaporating fictitious borders of different bodies, laughing at detectable rings of the field of unlimited life.

In all that sees does not experience but peace, happiness without cause or condition, free, simple vibrating in the same existence. In his body but untouchable by the limitation of your body, inside and outside your body, without birth, limitation, desire, action, change or death. What will you wish who are permanently filled? Eat Earth who is not even hungry?

Who sees himself in everything as seen and who sees all that sees itself is a meditation on being that it transcends duality, differentiation, limiting the suffering, desire, and death that are experienced through the senses and finally from our body.

When the shade of your being, your mind, denies the duality (the reality of the differentiation that perceived) immediately shines its substrate, the reality of all duality is intuitively known: non-duality. Be one and the same, unlimited, without differentiation, immutable, full, free, eternal, incomparable happiness.

Refuses so the root cause of all suffering and death: the limitation, unreal but felt (mithyā) until you feel totally your own being, being oneself and everything, one and the same.

And there is no possible return to duality, limitation, desire, suffering, and death, because there is no instruments or objects (other than yourself).

There is no ignorance of one's own. The shadow of self but the totality of one's self, the very existence, no longer live that glitters (is and is known) by itself (directly) and always, who sees, the same light, pure consciousness.

We are not running after crumbs of pleasure but that we are the source of happiness around the world.

Now, watching from the hole of your mind, feeling from the window of your heart, living from the prison of your body, the Vedanta Vedanta-free light light you or attributes, eternally waiting for you at your heart cave. The same light that shines in all the hearts and the Sun which illuminates the world.

Your own light, light, freedom and fullness.

OM TAT SAT "That is the truth."
TAT TVAM ASI "You are that."

David Rodrigo
He has studied and experienced the classic original writings on spirituality and philosophy in India (Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, Yoga Sutras, etc.) in the Advaita Vedanta of Adi Shankaracharya tradition at the foot of Dravidacharya Ramakrishnan Swamiji (Shastra Nethralaya) and meditation in the tradition of the Himalayan Yogis of Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram (Swami Veda Bharati), in Rishikesh, India , 2008-14 (six full years).

It has transmitted the Scriptures and coordinated the Dhyana Gurukulam, meditation, Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram, Rishikesh traditional school. He now teaches at Spain.

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David RodrigoDavid Rodrigo He has studied, contemplated and experienced the Scriptures)Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, etc.) in Rishikesh, India, during six years in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta of Adi Shankaracharya with Dravidacharya Ramakrishnan Swamiji and meditation in the tradition of the Yogis in the Himalayas on Swami Rama Sadhaka grass Ashram (Swami Veda Bharati).

It has transmitted the Scriptures in this ashram and coordinating the Dhyana Gurukulam. He now resides in Spain.

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