Mudras: Tse Mudra

The Tse Mudra is known as the antidepresion mudra. According to Taoist monks, described it as an exercise to remove sadness and attract good luck.

TSE mudraTo do this place both hands on the thighs. Fold the thumb to touch the root of the little finger and slowly closes the four remaining fingers on the thumb, while slowly taking air through the nose. Contain the breathing and «is 7 times in your mind the "OM" tone, perceiving the vibration in the right ear». Exhalavel air slowly, contracting with strength the abdomen. Again opens his hands and imagine that the concerns, fears and misery again leave your body.

Repeat this exercise 7 to 49 times, or at least 7 times, as they say the Taoist monks.

Kim Tawn, connoisseur of Chinese medicine, has written about: «tradition says that this mudra away sadness, reduces fear, change bad luck and misfortune, and beat the depression. It is famous for increase personal magnetism and the intuitive and mental abilities".

It is clear that many depressions are due to impairment of the water element or the kidneys and bladder. This element can regenerate or recharge as a battery, making specific breathing exercises, as above described.

When we suffer a depression, people around us and that we want to tend to advise us taking a walk outdoors, practicing gymnastics, yoga, etc., but often lack the necessary forces to do so. But like breathing it is something essential, what we can do as a minimum is to intensify the breathing, although we find ourselves mired in the deepest depression, and practice the Tse Mudra.

Then stretch and stretch yourself with energy. This makes miracles!

Another miracle cure against depression is drink water, vulgar and running, lots of water and take a shower much. St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum l.) and Borage (Borago officinalis) are the medicinal plants against depression

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