Mudras: Hakini Mudra

Hakini Mudra is the mudra of the concentration. Many times we make this gesture without realizing. Its purpose is to enhance concentration. We can unconsciously doing to focus, get us out of a State of uneasiness or simply focus on a task or idea.


Support the tips of the fingers on each other. Hakini Mudra can practice whenever you want to.

If you want to remember something or retrieve a topic thread, linking the tips of the fingers, lifting eyes, placed the tip of the tongue when you inspires on the palate and let it fall again when you whorls; performs a pair of respiratory movements, and immediately remember what you want.

This mudra will also be useful if you have to concentrate on something for a long time, need to have good ideas and want to retain what you read. Furthermore, while you make a mental work not crosses the foot and sit with the gaze directed at the West. Hakini Mudra can make authentic miracles and you should always have it present to practice this sport in a time of need.

This position of fingers has been deeply studied by scientists, and it has been proven to stimulate the joint work of the two hemispheres of the brain, the right and the left. Now recommended also in memory and management training courses. Open access to the right hemisphere of the brain, where memory is stored also. Your practice improves breathing, deepening it, and thus benefiting the brain.

Hakini Mudra regenerates energy from the lungs, and the energy of the large intestine by moving the fingers so that the right index rests on the left thumb, right middle finger on the left index, etc., is activated.

You can boost your concentration and accumulate new mental forces linking your eyes and your thoughts during a prolonged period of time to an object or a restorative activity. The following year also goes in this direction:

Place an object before you, a meter away, such as a lit candle, a fruit or a stone. See the object without blinking as long as you can. Now close your eyes and try to view it. Immediately abandon every thought that comes to your mind and is not related to the object in question. Keep your concentration for so long as you can.


  • It helps to improve concentration.
  • It promotes cooperation between the left and right cerebral hemispheres.
  • Hakini Mudra is beneficial for children who suffer from autism.
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