Teaching children through the intelligences: body-kinesthetic

Body intelligence or kinesthetic is one that relates to the use of the different parts of our body to do something, to find a solution to a problem or to communicate or convey a meaning. By Koncha pines - Pey.

Yoga girl

A child who is strong in body intelligence or kinesthetic dances well, likes to do sports, moves a lot, it is flexible, it coordinates well, is right-handed with the hands and speed. They are children who tend to move, speak, and sing at the same time as they work. They do it because they need to establish a clear connection with the space and symbols in movements to learn and see.

If the child having this predominantly intelligence feels locked in its development, it will inhibit their intellectual ability and learning or attention problems. This intelligence include dancers, carpenters, jewelers, painters, sculptors, athletes, Yogis. They are people who they think with the body, While it moves.

Here are some suggestions for provide opportunities interesting learning for these children. Their strengths they are:

  • They respond and very well recognized physical stimuli.
  • They have excellent physical, motor skills thick and thin.
  • His body and his hands have great flexibility and agility.
  • They tend to move as part of their learning process and they may be able to not be seated when they learn.
  • They love to feel, touch and manipulate things.
  • They worship the experiments.
  • Like gardening, horticulture.
  • Dance, do yoga, theatre.
  • Sports such as climbing, roll, jump, crawl, and activities that promote the physical.
  • Activities that require them to move in physical space.
  • Find treasures, discover, explore unknown lands.

How to help children with intelligence body-kinesthetic learning

1 physical interaction, tactile stimulation and activities that involve the body and the hands are the best ways to assist them in learning.

2 get to act as much as possible to learn.

3. help them remember what they have learned with gestures of the hand, parts of the body, pampering, etc.

4. help them to do experiments and projects of science, math, etc.

5 nurture them in an environment where things are in view and to explore.

6 put materials that can create and experience at your fingertips.

7 alternating periods of rest and movement.

8 teach meditation in motion, and conscious breathing.

Toys and materials that must have for children with body intelligence, and kinesthetic

  • Toys to manipulate
  • Construction toys such as legos
  • Clay and modeling
  • Science experiments
  • All kinds of costumes, makeup or costumes for theatre
  • Good shoes to go for a walk, bags to pick up stones, feathers, plants, flowers
  • Puzzle
  • Music

Examples of how different subjects you can teach children with corporal intelligences or kinesthetic


  • To teach adding and subtracting, give them different boxes and a set of balls. Make that they move around the balls in the boxes, to illustrate the addition and subtraction.
  • To teach dimensions - length, width, area, volume - sample gestures that mean what they are. For example, a triangle are three gestures of the hand.


  • Ask the child to make a role-playing game on the concepts of science, for example, about the evolution of prehistoric animals until the monkeys to human beings, or the life cycle of a butterfly until it becomes Caterpillar or cocoon.
  • It carries out simple scientific experiments at home.
  • Ask him to learn about atoms, electrons, protons, and more than the production of an atom, core and orbits in the soil. Let the child move to learn the role of all particles with your body.


  • Teach your child some movements of dance from other countries.
  • Get to make up gestures with the hands to the different geological formations that have to learn.

History and art

  • It helps the child to do a piece about the independence movement, democracy, and play with different characters.
  • Play with body express the different artistic movements.

Classes and teachers can develop different strategies that facilitate better learning kinesthetic. In addition to simply hand-raise to participate, could give a slap, making movements with his arms. The important thing is to create their own codes.

It is very important for children to have kinesthetic the opportunity to express with the body, why the teacher and parents should favor small spaces where children can learn with your body.

An experience that is as simple as going to the market or running along the beach can be a simple session important connection to the child and where to express their feelings and ideas.


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