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Fear is an irrational emotion; We do not know where you'll meet or how to fight it. Sometimes you can disable our mind and our body. But there are some remedies that will help us to cope and even to accept it. By Josep María Gasset for space MIMIND.


Afraid to what? It is a good question, since one can develop fear to varying degrees different vital situations and panic: fear of illness, fear of pain, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of being alone, fear of abandonment and so endless.

In Oriental medicine it is said that fear is associated with a change in the energy of the kidney. This carries in itself the essence of the father and of the mother, is the lineage to which we belong. Therefore, many times we have inherited or linked to our ancestors fears. Lacan said that depression could develop several generations ago. If our kidney energy is lower for the annual period, or by a stressful situation, it will be easier that disguised any mask fears arise us.

We must therefore always have the toned kidney energy and strengthen it in the annual period that suits you. This is winter, and one month before start we must use drainers for cleaning physical and energy. For example, the Lepidium or Rompepiedras is a good plant to purify and clean kidney together with the Nettle Greenthe Cola de Caballo and others. Homeopathically, we can use a large drain, the Berberis Vulgaris. The tonics can also help to raise the energy of the kidney as the Ginseng and the Ginseng Siberianor or Eleutherococcus. Anyway we must go carefully since they can affect us if we take them in excess.

There are some Bach flowers who can lend a hand in situations where fear arises we present four basic remedies:

1. Mimulus for fear of known things. For example fear of scrutiny, I have to go by plane or to speak in public and I don't dare, do it but cost me and suffer for it. I can use it promptly or if I am one person shy or timid. Mimulus can help you to enjoy things and to deal with them.

Mimulus is recommended also for fear of poverty, to the darkness, loneliness or misfortune, these fears that are supported in silence and does not speak of them to liberate them. Eduard Bach says Mimulus is for fears of life common to all human beings and especially for the fears that are secretly without speaking or open to others, and for people who are not communicative.

The personality of Mimulus is someone who has initiatives but there is like a brake that does not allow that you carry them out, as if in the impulse it leading it back.

If we take this essence we will stimulate the reserves of strength and courage that are hidden in our anguish and concern and help us turn to deal with common fears and our doubts.

2. for the crippling terror, Rock Rose. Here we face the fear that does not allow us to run our actions or our initiatives. Fear may occur as an obsession, like a nightmare in dreams. Simply tightens the fists, tightens and expected to happen what, paralyzed, without involving it.

Rock Rose is the last group of 12 healers flower discovered by Eduard Bach and says of it: "is the remedy for emergency cases when it seems because there no hopes. "In accidents or sudden illness or when the patient is very scared or frightened, or your condition is severe enough to cause great fear surround him who".

He is considered a remedy star for fear of attacks, why put it to all cases of emergency as accidents, traumas and situations that disables our possibilities of reaction.

3 who do not have fear to lose control? If you have a crisis of anxiety and fear losing control, Cherry Plum Returns you to your state of mind and you focus in order to be in you. Indicated when the fear is so intense that you fear losing control of your body, lose the reason and you can even damage to yourself or others and the situation escapes you hands and temes perform irreversible actions.

Everything we we repress and do not want to show or others see there comes a time that may not contain tension paralyzes us, we fear that we discover and we are afraid to show us. This creates patterns of behavior that will come to the paralyzing fear, we are not free to express and show. This great tension comes to paralyze our bodies and our minds.

When the emotional charge is very large by stress, anger, or hatred, or excess of responsibilities, take Cherry Plum can help me restore calm, balance and serenity. I can focus the mental strength and reason will allow that you can analyze and see that the most terrible irrational fear can be balanced.

4. There is a type of fear that manifests itself when we have the feeling or the feeling that something horrible is going to happen but we don't know exactly what. We have some omen or that a loved going to happen something tragic. We feel the death of someone, some misfortune. Suddenly arises anxiety and uncontrollable stress that become obsessions.

If we take Aspen We can better understand these feelings and messages that our field vital and emotional commands us, so if it is unconscious source as if they are perceptions. Thus, in a serene way, I will be able to integrate these messages to view the true reality of my mind. If I am very empathetic, I can sometimes perceive that are living others or situations which in the Middle when I am to communicate the collective unconscious fears and I suffer them not knowing how to handle them.

All these remedies will help me, no doubt, to better manage this fear as unknown and as present at a time in our lives.


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