Niyama / Ishvara Pranidhana (divine inspiration)

Tapas, svadhyaya, and ishvara pranidhana form a trio within this whole ethics which are the yamas and niyamas in the structuring of the Patanjali Yoga around the second century of our era. Actually it is not enough to move energy through an intense discipline and give you a deep sense from the level; is necessary that all the process have heart. Writes Julian Peragón Arjuna.


It is clear that the heart is a symbol of centrality, as it is the pump that drives the entire system. But there is a heart beyond the physical body where it seems that rests the soul. Not in vain when pointed out us, what is in our core, we touch the center of the chest. Something has to wake up is in the heart if our practice and study have been made with constancy. We have strengthened our will with tapas and have awakened our intelligence with svadhyaya, but We need something more. That something is a form of piety, compassion or benevolence as a gesture essential in existence.

Caps can give us much power, while svadhyaya can provide us with much knowledge. And what input you might seem an advantage, eventually becomes an obstacle. It is necessary to have a balance where successes and failures are seen with great equanimity. The heart It is the faithful of the balance that with a deeply loving approach allows you to relativize our prowess to insert ourselves into a whole. Let's not forget that real strength lies in staying serene both success and failure.

Ishvara is the Lord, and you can hit our sensitivity when we understand Yoga not as a religion but as a method of self-knowledge. In reality Ishvara He is not the God to which we are accustomed in monotheism, It is not a Creator God, does not fit or out in the stream of time; It is a special spirit. You have to understand it as the perfect guru, the teacher of teachers, something like a archetype serving as devotional support the practitioner of yoga.

We have to remember that the metaphysics of yoga comes mainly from the Samkhya, who is an atheist, and that Patanjali the license to include the figure of Ishvara perhaps is taken because the devotional practice in the tradition was demonstrated as a direct connection with the sacred. In all case ishvara pranidhana It reminds us that we must accept our limits within the vastness of the universe, we are a drop of water, a small link in an infinite chain. This means that all questions are not answered or we will know all the loopholes of the destination or we can run all the veils of mystery. We are a small size and our greatness is to accept who we are. We can not do nothing but submit to reality, and that submission does not mean resignation but celebration.

The way of the de-identification

Pranidhana speaks of offering or prayer. This concept forces us to land any mystique and make her meat. All that has conquered not is yours, and not is yours because makes time that the firmness of an identification individual is has gone crumbling. Goods are not yours because the idea of possession does not hold from a careful observation. It is here where the small will bowing to the great will, small face is reflected in the large, fitting into the macrocosm-microcosm. And this opening must be understood as an inspiration to the divine.

Offer them fruits of our actions to the feet of the Lord is the road towards it de-identification that brings so much suffering, and a safe way to the humility. Being in the world but knowing that our roots are not below but above, with the confidence that everything will be given. The borders are opened because there is no longer a small me battling with each other for a portion of greater prestige, there is now a you and this your immense includes everything: my suffering and yours, includes my life and yours, includes the lives of generations to come, including respect for the ancestors.

Then our stock is made from a very deep meditation which includes the first yama, which is non-violence, and sublimates step by step until this last niyama, which is the ultimate expression of ethics that opens the doors of a deep spirituality. Nothing I do, all is made because I am a channel.

Arjuna (photo: Guirostudio 2013)Who is

Julián Peragón, Arjuna, formador of teachers, directs the school Yoga synthesis in Barcelona

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