Overcome stress with homeopathy

Stress is one of the recurring words in our modern society, although we don't know exactly what it means or what is on our mind and our body. See it from homeopathy and its remedies. By Josep Maria Gasset.

Stressed out

First there is a reaction of alarm and then an adaptation to it if our organism is able to manage this State. The problem comes when we get used to the stress and our mind also. At this point we are not able to distinguish a State of calm, since our modus vivendi is hyperactivity combined with non-compliance to circadian rhythms. Already the Sun not tells us that we must stop, we have created artificial means that allow us to follow, and follow and follow...

There is a moment that may be manifested all kinds of associated symptoms, such as anxiety, anxiety, panic, fear, depression, but we are not able to recognize that we should stop and retrieve the calm mind, Shamata, and let rest our mind and our body to recover.

With homeopathy can promote our vital energy for look for a reaction to help us to overcome moments of stress or chronic stress States. Remedy will make you come back to my Center and resolve what causes me stress. Why there isn't a specific remedy for stress, but many remedies for many situations that cause me stress.

So for example if I have lot of stress for the work because it requires me lot of dedication and I I identify so much with this, and my desire to progress and scale jobs are so high that sacrifice my hours and my relationships, my family and my friends, and I don't mind over qu IEN should I spend, I start to have bad mood, hiding a screenful of good clothing and wry smile, looking for leadership... a suitable remedy will be Lycopodium.

Lycopodium for competitors

This remedy is one of the most commonly prescribed, because it reflects one of the most important tics of stressed and competitive society. Since small we received the message that we are not going to be anything if we don't compete, and we are trained to compete, not to be compassionate with ourselves or with others. So if I take it I can perhaps wondering why I want to climb positions, be tyrant, with Moody and not to share with others. Then I will realize that one doesn't really know who is if not removed the mask, disguise and assumes its authentic role of being compassionate being able to share and to give Truce to itself.

Nux Vomica for the little emperors

If I am not able to turn this situation, chances are that the bad mood is getting bigger and I turn into a tyrant, the little Emperor that all controls, with violence and imposing its criteria, sacrificing whatever it takes. I sleep late, I'll have to abuse stimulants, coffee, and eat a lot to be able to repair this stressful energy excess. All I fear, and I think I have earned me the respect of others to impose me and base force, no respect for the freedom of others. What wrong am; at the moment I do not know where is my true being, or who I am. But I am still in time to take Nux Vomica.

It is an excellent remedy for poisoning and intentional self-poisoning, especially mental, of selfishness and egocentricidad. Perhaps after a time can break my frantic pace and get my mind selfish, violent, which does not like to contradict him, and relax. And why not practice a little compassion empathic and put me in the place of others to see how they saw me prior to calm down and be comprehensive?

The ego's Nux Vomica It is superlative and it is hard to see because it leaves no space, everything occupies it. So his mind fill his own mind and is not space or truce. Let us be compassionate and let see the small I is not as large as the illusory mind seeks to.

Natrum Muriaticum for the frustrated

The third remedy that I'd like to talk about today is one that surely will bring us large amounts of stress, especially when you come for the frustration. But frustration from what? Maybe everything. Be sensitive that I am, I put my effort to do things well, even with my relationships, and get what they don't want, deception and disappointment. I get depressed because I thought that things were otherwise, and now the reality gives me another way of looking at it. Why I get depressed and closure I in myself, in my house, my car, my stuff, and just in case, not play it I more lest they be repeated frustration. Natrum Muriaticum It is the great cure for the disappointments of the type that are. Back to focus me and giving me the opportunity to open me carefully to new opportunities.

The loss of loved ones also generates large doses of stress. Faced with hard times of loss makes us call into question our life and all our affairs. Natrum Muriaticum You can help us at this difficult time, at the same time making that we can see how to reorganize our subject to impermanence and change lives. Search the root of suffering and be able to manage it in the best possible way.

Now, thinking that if we take these remedies are they going to fix everything, it is not correct. The practice of Mindfulness, while in Mindfulness, It will allow us to find the roots that we understand so little by little we can free ourselves from suffering stress, or the suffering it causes us stress. Our illusory mind deserves full attention to discover the true mind, wise, that can transform our lives into a chance to live in fullness.

Hahnemann He gave us his legacy and we must take advantage of it so that everyone can achieve our goals in this existence.


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By • 17 May, 2013 • section: General