The myth of stress

Where does the stress? From economic problems? From problems at home? That are we unable to manage it? We have more than half a century believing that stress comes from circumstances like these, which is a product of our ancestors, which is a response to fear, and that the best thing we can do is accept it and try to live in peace. By Koncha pines-Pey for space MIMIND. Stress

There are many myths about stress preventing us to live longer, happier and healthier lives. Here are eight of the best known:

1. stress is the result of circumstances. This seems to be true, as in the Earth seems flat. But the stress actually comes from the effects of thoughts about your circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. This would explain why people have different reactions to a same circumstance.

2. stress is a motivational factor. It is necessary to distinguish between stress and stimulation to a concrete motivation. Having goals, deadlines, objectives and push something in itself is not bad. Stress arises when you are anxious, angry or frustrated, and thus drastically reduces your ability to be operational with the purposes that you have set for yourself. There are people who get success thanks to their motivation, and not stress.

3. A little stress is good. Another popular myth, created initially by Dr. Hans Selye, the founder of the concept of the modern tension. Selye discovered that activities such as sports and sex also produce an increase in stress hormones, which promoted the idea of good stress. But research since then has shown that stress contributes to 75% - 90% of medical disorders, including the six leading causes of death. The motivation is good, stress is not.

4. without stress in life, there is no emotion. Some people are so accustomed to experiencing the stress that do not remember what life without it. But you look at young children. They experience very little stress, and have a lot of energy to explore their interests. The same may be true for adults, despite the responsibilities we have.

5. the best way to deal with stress is to exercise, breathe, and relax. Remember that stress does not come from what is happening in your life; it comes from your thoughts about what is happening in your life. West has made many dissemination of simple tools to mitigate the effects of stress, but not what causes it; so the voltage returns again and again. A more effective approach in the long run may consist of educating for thinking differently, go differently to difficult situations... Then there is no tension.

6. stress is an option. Stress is a by-product of the subconscious beliefs that you have on the world. You can choose not to believe in something, you can not choose how is your mind, and your brain... This is first a human evolution and also a biographical history. You think a few things because you think them and feel them, and that is not an error... is real. To eliminate stress, you have to learn to question fondly those beliefs; get to see them in a different way. This is not a choice; It is a vision.

7. stress is inevitable. You can find someone who does not frighten him something, or be afraid of something (fear of heights, driving at high speed, take the steering wheel). People who experience stress in these situations can tell that it is inevitable because you cannot imagine not feel stress, but you know that this is not so. Your emotions are your beliefs. When you're stressed out for money, health, or work, you must remember that it is perfectly possible to think differently and not experiencing stress in your life, as unlikely as it sounds. It only requires a different focus.

8. the stress is not a big problem. The word "stress" is sometimes limited to anxiety about deadlines life us brand; most people can live with them, but in reality everything is much bigger than that. Every moment of frustration you have about your work, all points of friction in the relationships at work and at home, all fear or concern you have about money, health and future - in essence, the sum total of all negative emotions in your life- from the moment you arrive until the moment in which you go to bed, it is stress. For the majority of people is a very big problem.

Doubting the value of these myths in our culture prevents us from definitively deal with stress more effectively. But with a little care, and love anyone can learn how stress, and rather than simply manage it, get to eradicate it.

By Koncha pines - Pey


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