Physical basics of Yoga: Biomechanics

One of the more I repeat to new students (imagine that you as the majority of teachers) is: "what more you'll hear here is the physical instructions that I tell you. But the most important thing is, in this order: 1 º that breathing, you listen to your body; 2nd that you listen to your body; and 3rd to listen to your body while you breathe... and to be fun... (Better put that 1st) "." Writes Robert Rodríguez Nogueira.


Years ago it was much used the word "negotiate". The postures are a negotiation between what the Professor proposed biomechanically and what the student body reached that day with stability and comfort. In a memorable class I found a wonderful student lying on the mattress, with a radiant smile, in a Savasana (final relaxation posture) of book while everyone else is wore, with martial euphoria, all the regulatory sun salutations and a special warriors between chest and back. As see Marylin sunbathing (heart, Crimson smile, drink umbrella sunglasses) soldier Ryan beach.

-What are you doing, Esther? -I asked surprised because she knew her disaffected to cannabis.

-I am negotiating - he said increasing the smile.

… Moments so make this craft the most beautiful in the world. The best alignment in a warrior I've seen in my life.

… I should write about biomechanics, and it is that it comes to my head the new student, educated, applied, quiet, analytical, which explodes with more reason than a Saint at a time in its first month.

- And this relaxes? -In the 15th greeting to the Sun or Trikonasana ("externally rotated femurs, inserts his head in the Fossa of the acetabulum, press the tailbone forward raising the pelvic floor... iliones in the same vertical plane, put ribs").

-Clear!... - When you reach this point keep a dramatic pause... Then apply it the old joke (I am sure that is widely used in the Guild, even of a teacher, Bilbao invented it).

-Friend listening: Gorka tells to Patxi: "and I, Patxi, that will say you are... that if cascas it yourself". And Patxi responds a little amazed: "go, Gorka, which questions!... "Well Yes, man Yes, like all". And Gorka: "And use any method or system for?". And Patxi, lowering her voice: "an anvil and a hammer". And Patxi: "And love?". And Gorka, happy: "when failed!".

It is more sincerity than the technique

I discovered, after rigorous and sustained analysis, this joke-sutra-koan relaxes more than all the alignment of the world (and also that all the greetings to the Sun, the Moon, constellations...). It seems that to relax we must learn a sophisticated art, and in fact is not so. There is only that Let yourself be. There is only that fail. And if something know someone who starts in Yoga is left. The fact that there is already evidenced. He left everything what you know for something that does not. And as novice, he is an expert in fail. Going to that, to fail and to relax. Ale Gorka...!

Another thing is that the teacher understands how to display it. That is the art teacher, and here It is more sincerity than the technique. Sincerity is that relax is to stop doing what too much as if it were essential, and this, in a new student, sincerely, includes alignment. Not in an aged student, that he is an expert in alignment and for it that already it is not something that too much, but what is holding the entire building.

New students, I explain that to get stressed out you must use imagination, and to relax, same thing. Does missing explain it, they already know it. I've seen things that a book of yogic Anatomy would not believe. I've seen recruits in Trikonasana halfway between subluxation of patella and hip, stiff neck and suffocation smiling as babies! I've seen newbies to attack sun salutations risking their lumbar, bizarre its dolls, including his nose, in the same Kickback with a gesture of focused determination that Patanjali would put "like" on Facebook.

And all those moments of pure terror (that teachers live in slow motion in plan "Nnnnnnuuuuuuooooooooo" from the other end of the room) have taught me one thing: If you leave it to his fall, a new student is capable of being happy without alignment. Only by "Yoga". Only by leave a time for himself and trusting that what is taught is working. Only by daring to go, dress short and stop doing what had to be stressed. Only by having failed to be perfect and rest recognising that he needs help. Only by imagining that "Yoga" is what you need. Who is the teacher change the happiness of biomechanical concepts?

Then, Why is alignment so important?

Because to make yoga a system whereby you can earn life must retain the clientele, and postural alignment it is very difficult to learn (many months or years of fixed finely dissatisfied customer)...

Joking aside, an absolute alignment is not necessary to experience the benefits of Yoga, but learn the art of biomechanics from the practice of Yoga gives a new dimension to the existence, not just relaxation... And at some point a student ceases to be new and needs to go even further.

The teacher, would a clown?

A Yoga posture without a precise biomechanical basis will be effective in stretching located, not related to the rest of the body. Very effective, probably for a beginner. This State can be very satisfying and relaxing, but without a teacher that will guide the student to a deeper perception of the experience, without refine attention biomechanics, posture is not just that: a localized stretch, not a dance between the action, reaction, pressure and stretch, push and release, point and spiral expansion)has-tha(, opposites that underlie the Hatha yoga or Yoga Fitness). There will be integrity. Posture will not develop all their potential healer and disbelief (this puts much more than the Mary).

The correct alignment multiplies the possibilities of the game and awakens a devotion by the intelligence of the body, more accurate and immediate than any words that attempt to qualify it. It opens us to recognize a sort of intimate perfection that has always been there but that must be earned with a positive effort. "The temple is the body," said an Indian guy with very hairy eyebrows that needs to listen.

I believe that it must not overwhelm the tools of Yoga, asana, vinyasa, or pranayama, new students. I think you have to detoxify the student who begins to fall in love more than they state that cause (like cleaning the car and then not wanting children to climb because they stain it... and bring them the Cole running at the side as bodyguards of the President). I think that teachers must sometimes rewinding the last ten minutes to see if we would understand a four-year-old boy, and if smoke to the child by the ears, I believe that we should devote the following ten to do antics and tickled until they hurt jaws.

A yoga teacher should be a clown?... Absolutely.

And seen how easy that is me to continue this rigorous technical series of articles on esencialisimos physical concepts, for the next I ask the help of my Secretariat Gertrudis Soldevilla, daughter of British governess and Sergeant of the third, which will impose exemplary discipline in my words.

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Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira teaches yoga, blogger and writer.

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