Physical basics of Yoga: alignment

Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira explores in them "concepts physical basic", those foundations essential of the practice yogic that often is resolved in class with instructions machined and surface. In this first delivery, with much humour as always, us speaks of the "straightening vertebral".


I rapo my beards and offer them, embarrassed, to the gods for daring to talk about something of what others know a lot more than me. But as says Néstor Luján: 'To teach is to learn twice', and this much latter I need. I endulzo me as the language with honey and Rueda white wine to say words pleasing and accurate.

Put us serious... Inhalemos deep and say: the alignment consists in the refinement progressive of your relationship personal with your support on the land, within the air in which you move and that also penetrates in you, through the masses (almost) liquid of your body while you estiras towards the sky. It must be the more natural, spontaneous and economic as possible, the less complex and artificial... And you'll love.

So far the theory. Now let's see how it spend to consciousness.

Physical alignment, which should be the natural exudation of the light spirit in its transit in the matter, can pretend remarkably well through a complex study that will make us seem mild angeles stroking soil, summer swallows kissing creeks or mythical mountains of high peaks and deep roots. The good thing about the art of pretending is that if you practice it thoroughly you will do more than look. You'll feel like an angel, like a swallow, a coaster, even (inexplicably) as all at the same time. We pretend to trace the flight!... And in Yoga is pretends to breathing well, remember it all the time: not pretend the breath, that kills.

You must remember that the art of lightness is part of your biological heritage. We are designed to fit our weight in the air and the Earth without noticing, to move us without even realizing, just like breathing, the same Digest. It is not improve our mobility but to recognize us as the blockade, which put the passage of nature and free ourselves from that role. It's leaving your body fit at the moment and in the elements: Earth, water, air, fire, movement, harmony, ecstasy (or enstasis which says Dragó).

And how to get that naturalness that we own? As practicing naturally... until bored to the statues, until the frogs kept hair. In a Word, the Word: technical, that in Greek (SSR) want to say "art".

  • key # 1: The alignment of the column.
  • key 2: The alignment of the column is makes from the extremities.
  • key 3: Her breathing is part essential of the process.
  • 4ªclave: Stabilization and dynamic. Hold to move and move by holding.
  • 5th key: This is Yoga. Align the column for a Yogi is a process of liberation energy. Is done with honesty, sensitivity and firmness and be perceived as expansion, integration, calm, "enstasis". The "art" in Yoga is not what you do, but develop your perception of what "receive" to do that you do.

(A note: the 'class' of Yoga that I'm going to manage, if you stop, serves for many people, but we are all more exceptions to rules to a theoretical body and a spine of book.) (A eye expert from outside you will indicate all these actions in a way much more simple and effective for your own body).

And now, to skip the script.

FIRST KEY (where all come together):
Raul in TadasanaThe column, from the side, has curves. Flatten is not correct. What would have been Nefertiti or Mónica Bellucci's profile? It is right to recognize the own form column and, with the help of the teacher, learn how to strengthen it and stretch it in full way for your greatest benefit. There are no two equal columns, although, in general, tend to be remarkably similar if they look to bulk.

And now I should talk about curves of the column, the number and shape of the vertebrae, that some leave them ribs and the intervertebral discs... but others say it much better, so I'll tell what I used in my practice and in my classes: Samastitihi or Tadasana. The position of attention, or mountain.

SECOND key "from the extremities" and third "breathing"
1 foot, recommend feet together (in which case together as much as possible knees, ankles, heels and inside edge of the base of the thumbs) or, if you can not, Parallels, separated as much as a foot away.

-Not I can gather them knees.

-I can not join the ankles.

-If together the feet I fall.

-To me I passed all that!!!!

This is Yoga. The instructions are invitations, not a map that there is that follow mandatory. Obviously, the three top students only need to find a stable and comfortable position although they aren't collecting the noseque with the nosecual. The fourth student must moderate their libations.

We continue with the class:

Inhaling raise fingers, then heels, then fingers again leaving the toes in the air while you claim on the ground both heels as the bone part after the toes. Exhaling poses them fingers, separated if they leave. In the same exhalation, as if cerrases a zipper, strips of them thighs towards them English raising them joints, then glide, with softness, the sacred towards below. Fix you that in front of a mirror your knees should be parallel, that not bizcas. It is very possible that you recognize the need for internal rotation in the thighs, along with the aforementioned action of pull them upward. This rotation reflects and enhances your tread at the base of the big toe (key a point of support from now and for the rest of your life) with bow graciously raised planting on inner and outer sides. A world new's feelings to the reach of your hand... of your foot.

… Let us be realistic.

If you can do all that as it has read, is wary. Or you are a teacher that is has confused and is has stuck in a class for beginners, or you are fooling with all success. But quiet, my adept unknown (André Van Lysebeth said so much, mola). So important, if you are beginner, is that is entertaining, not that it do "well".

In a world ideal, have placed the mass of the pelvis to the slide the sacred towards down, (I floor say "push gently the coccyx towards front", seems that brand a sense more clear.) Order no doubt: is as an affirmative and exultant sexual push, but in soft and solo). He have placed it pelvis, said, on some legs that push correctly the soil should make you feel that your weight is falling in the Centre of the soles of the feet, in the key of the arc, not on the heels, not on the fingers, not in the outer rim, not on the inside. All well repartidito.

-Is that I have the feet flat...

We all need personal instructions: by the pelvis in retroversion by flat feet, by the compensation of years... Only a teacher that see you where caes can teach you the exact actions you need. If you do not see only I can tell you: attempts to press the soil evenly with all the plant paying attention to do so with the base of the big toe and straightening, as much as possible, your Achilles tendon looking at it in a mirror (something complex, by the way...).

Place the mass of the pelvis or slide the sacrum with the foot on the floor without sexual company (real or imaginary) distracting you from your duties yogic, must have you contacted your ABS, at least in its lower section; also can have you put in contact with your buttocks and with your English.

-Are there is that tightening the ass, Chief? -I ask the students normally referring to the buttocks, not to a soft, refined, suction of the pelvic floor that will see in subsequent classes... If they keep coming to class; the Professor clueless know that speak of the bandhas- and I put in a bite to me also. The pelvis is the base of the spine. He apoyo-impulso that conducted through them plants of them feet has of having is led through the legs until she, and she, the pelvis, in a strong State of grace and lightness that reflected the of them feet, You must transmit this support or push to each vertebra, as the heart drives the blood or the diaphragm pushes the air we breathe, or the winter to autumn... The problem is that the practice, art, giving it the SSR. Until then, many must sometimes, tighten the buttocks to stretch a few too tense English as new inmate in prison shower... However, the technique (art) proper is not to squeeze the buttocks. The movement of the pelvis should be, to follow the educational image, rather with the subtlety applied to the handling of SOAP in the above facilities. Too strong or too loose, and place are the pelvis will be something that makes another.

Place the pelvis involves a suction from the bottom of the abdomen, a turn in the lower abdomen, a (in fine) the transverse adjustment. This is "very easy" to see in the position of the bridge with support of arms to lift your butt in the ground and returning to pose it vertebra to vertebrae (to understand, in the missionary position: how the person below is moved; delete your imagination for the above and you will draw enough). You'll understand why celibacy in Yoga? Many positions are displayed better with company, but if not switch that company of your imagination not will be the column which endereces.

At this time of the class students most devoted and obedient fall with a thud. By make me case took a good while without breathing. As you can see, in Yoga there is to ignore everything the teacher says.

2.-inhaling, holding all the actions mentioned in 1, leaves that your box thoracic is expand... but not of any way, as said Joseph Pilates a cold day of November in New York: it nature not reveals their secret without effort. This natural inhalation now Thomas must expand your box chest in all its dimensions, not only towards front. Your abdomen not should expand is because them muscles that it lining are working for help to strengthen and stretch your column: them muscles abdominal (with the transverse, that muscle hidden of name sensibly flowed through) argue the abdomen from the part front of the pelvis so not get ass curving still more the area lumbar. To accomplish this with total efficiency, also must hold the bottom of your ribs, so breathing, not you should project these ribs forward arching the back, you must hold them (is not the time to pretend three more fastener sizes)... ribs. Notice how the rib cage expands laterally.

3 exhaling: it hangs, dear adept, the shoulders of the hanger of the claviculas-omoplatos rotating them gently forward, up and back, taking care to lower them by keeping the shoulder blades well pegaditos back and directing them towards the waist. Then rotated humeri (the bone between the shoulder and elbow) out gently and forearm inwards. Gently stretched Palms slightly opened fingers end up facing towards your body. A spiral. Already have several. Another day talk more than this of the springs and the spirals.

In this same exhalation in which has hung them shoulders of its site more natural (Ja!) leverages to place (course, of way natural, leaves of tighten the jaw, them eyebrows, them knees between them, the ass... that not you goes to serve of nothing!, and breathes as can but breathes, if not you gives time to do it all in them breaths that I you ask!) … Of way natural, said, dear adept, uses to place the head, Chin inside, Crown above, stretching the cervical vertebrae as marrying Lady Victorian walking with the book of Psalms on his head.

It more likely, if is your first time, is that have since them shoulders so back and down that those shoulder blades is overlap one on another: sepaaaaaaralos (without advance them shoulders). It more likely is that to the fit them hombros-omoplatos have extruded chest raising them ribs lower and forgetting all what have spoken, you and I, in the point 2. Vueeeelve to get ribs. It is likely that you've also released the pelvis, so there will be returned to tipping forward, with gut out, arching back. Coloooooooca the pelvis. It is likely that your tread has returned to be the natural, but the natural of yours, not the artistic natural death with bows yogic Plantar light and strong as the Gothic stained glass holding cathedrals... Piiiiiiisa inwards gently rotating the thigh inward pulling up of the roooooootulas.

And if not, pretend. Get that you enjoy it at the top (thank all avoid sexual metaphors here).

In serious that it say: enjoy, at least of being in class learning the vocaaaaaaaaales. Enjoy thinking with your ass, that is the way to wake up the perception of the pelvis (the head does not give to do so, I assure you). Enjoy of the feeling of losing you in your body and believes in the promise of the Yoga: If you like find, recognizes that are lost. You'll see how easy this is last. You are going well. As said John of the cross a cold tomorrow Salamanca: "to go where not know have of go by where not know".

Get a photo mental: date has of those movements that do to sustain this building. Because all those movements van to change both that sometimes is van to transform in their contrary when you start to move you (this aspect illustrates perfectly the) FOURTH key: stabilization and dynamic. Hold to move and move by holding).

A key essential in the practice is move us keeping the alignment correct of the trunk, the spaces that have open, but what before was a thrust muscle in a sense, now, for hold is, will require actions muscle different. Look that, for example, to lean on a bending forward (trunk 90º legs), instead of, as you did, leading the tailbone towards the pubis gently (movement sesual), will have to do the opposite: pubis to coccyx to keep it area lumbar placed, or if not is will bow and the Cathedral collapse rumbled (if are in a class of yoga Iyengar the cry of the scandalized Professor, in the other corner of the room, will be registered in them seismographs of Pune, where Maese Iyengar-my hero-controls all the alignment of the planet without muss is-more-them eyebrows, and will be suddenly placed).

If in that bending you go forward in the pubis toward the coccyx without knowing curb because your joints are more loose and detached accounts of Bankia, arquearás area lumbar in excess, even with the same action you proyectarás the ribs forward and, already without brake possible nor sense of measure or of Victorian decorum, will get his Chin forward and up in arrogant gesture that will kill your options to achieve a marriage as God Manda. But do not worry all. If you are in class with a teacher or Ashton sobon ninja is put in your space with such skill, almost untouched, for when you want to give account you've decided to devote your new virginity to Yoga forever, because you have seen God in your new body "-you have made me with what a thing!" "What has left me I don't know how, uncombed-o and without breathing!" -. Respiiiiiira, tell you then... and want more because Yoga well done one not ever resets. While other do.

At this point is that you are standing in a perfect position of Tadasana or Samashtitihi (or flexed forward if you forget upload: upload), stabbing you in the land (to inspire or to breathe, it will depend on your teacher school)penetrating into the sky, opening your heart, expand all your space, freeing up your tissues, oxygenating your cells, feeling that everything is you and you are everything (spiral, of course).

It is the time of the mantra: Ole!

If you can do it while you read this, you are God.

Let me remind you of something: eres Dios. And another thing: the literature is based on the most fantastic lie of all: read and live it. You can... but it is better that you go to class, my beloved adept, with that teacher who has confounded class and you have right now beside teaching you: learning twice.

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Roberto Rodríguez Nogueira teaches yoga, blogger and writer.

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