Mudras, powerful gestures of the psyche

Mudras are sacred gestures usually made with hands. Each Mudra has a specific quality that helps the practitioner. They serve to harmonize and to enter a deeper level in your work of meditation or relaxation.


Mudras allow us to channel the energy created by the asana and pranayama to the chakras, thus facilitating the achievement of many goals for physical and emotional healing and spiritual elevation. They are simple to make but very powerful, to release, or wake up blocked energy in the body.

How to make Mudras must be soft and relaxed. The Treaty Gheranda Samhita Describes 25 seedlings, including three bandhas. Not all are made with hands, but that some are a blend of asana, pranayama and bandhas, of gestures, contractions and breaths.

The union of some fingers in each Mudra have special meanings for the purposes of moving our consciousness to the level required.

Mudra of harmony: The thumb and the index of the two hands joined and extending the rest of the fingers, i.e., the Palm of the hand should be fully open.

Mudra of vitality: Unite is your thumb with the ring of both hands; the rest of fingers remain extended. In this case, you can do it when you feel tired.

Mudra of wisdom: Unite is your thumb with the middle finger of both hands; the rest of the fingers are extended as in the earlier mudra. This mudra is to connect with the universal wisdom.

Mudra of love. The two Palms joining the breast height to connect with the power of love that resides in the center of the heart. This mudra channeled the energy of love in both palms.

Mudra vacuum. The fingers of both hands forming a sphere are attached and are placed at the level of the navel. The purpose of this mudra is to seek the emptiness of your mind.


  • Mudras help balance our physical, mental and even moral aspects.
  • Mudras can provide us with changes and spectacular improvements in our body.
  • Mudras are miracle cures. They provide us with immediate rest in many diseases.
  • Mudras can alleviate almost any ailment, from a simple headache to a heart attack because they focus the consciousness the inner calm.
  • Mudras generate power around our body, which develops our mind and body providing us with peace and joy.
  • Some Mudras can balance the elements of the body in 45 minutes while others in just few seconds.
  • The continuing practice of some Mudras can cure insomnia, arthritis and improve memory.
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