Mudras: Mudra of asthma and bronchial Mudra

Los problemas de alergia en algunos casos son algo más que molestos picores de ojos o nariz, y hay quien sufre problemas respiratorios. Te contamos las propiedades de estos dos mudras que te ayudarán a mejorar tu salud y combatir las alergias.

respiratory mudras

Bronchial mudra

With both hands: placing the little finger in the root of your thumb, the ring next to the upper joint of the thumb and the middle in the yolk of the thumb finger.

Practica este mudra entre 4 y 6 minutos si tienes un ataque agudo de asma y después pasa al mudra de asma hasta que la respiración se normalice. Para un tratamiento a largo plazo, practica ambos mudras 5 veces al día, durante 5 minutos.

Mudra of asthma

With both hands: join two phalanges of middle fingers and keep them pressed while the other permermanecen extended.


  • Avoid breathing through the mouth when it's cold, because the bronchial tubes become inflamed and fill with mucus.
  • Do not ever go in a hurry, any kind of stress activates the adrenaline-secreting glands, which favors the mucus and the contraction of the bronchi.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Don't take drugs that weaken the immune system, such as antibiotics, and less if there is no infection.

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