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Surya Namaskara or sun salutation is composed of twelve sequences that are the more dynamic yoga at the beginning. Her practice provides, as does the Sun, a powerful energy that goes to the body and mind, to keep in balance the asana. Writes Mayte Aguado)Maheshwari)

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12 are positions which are capable of activating the chakras, provided we reach the maximum concentration, and the best help is to mention the 12 names of the Sun God while we execute it:

  1. OM Namah Mitraya (everyone's friend)
  2. OM Namah Ravaye (praised by everyone)
  3. Suryaya OM namah (the guide of all)
  4. OM namah Bhanave (the giver of beauty)
  5. OM Khagaya namah (stimulator of the senses)
  6. OM Namah Pushne (the sustain everything)
  7. OM Hiranyagarbhaya namah (the creator)
  8. OM Marichaye namah (destructive disease)
  9. OM Adityaya namah (the INSPIRER)
  10. OM Namah Savitre (Purifier)
  11. OM Namah Arkaya (radiant)
  12. Bhaskaraya OM namah (the Illuminator)

It's have a conscious understanding that prevail in our minds. and she turn around breathing, the placement of the body and consciousness, in two grades: awareness of self, to feel its real existence, and the second conscience of the I am, where we identify ourselves with the Universal, their relationship and their contact.

Get these two degrees of awareness comes with time will in practice, that leaves mark on the path. Each arrives le in a way: to some it comes suddenly, others gradually and many come with help of exercises and practices.

That is why it is so important Surya Namaskar, because it helps us to obtain necessary and optimal vibration to feed positive thinking, and through their perseverance in time will allow us to reach that level of frequency where the mind is calm and the essence of the thinking is to love.

Surya Namaskar offers numerous benefits, either for our body to our mind. Con each movement to activate our own solar revitalization, being a complete yoga practice, collecting positions, breathing and meditation in each posture, hence its benefits.

Before you begin with the sun salutation exercise we must take into account these 12 premisas:

-Clothing and simple mind. Been wearing comfortable clothing, avoiding anything that press our waistlines and unnecessary accessories which intercede in your practice.

-A stomach anything heavy, i.e., to have a good practice and activate our energy it is necessary to have not eaten any food for at least 2-3 hours before.

-Owner of your time. Find a schedule in the practice can become a part of your day to day. The best time is to the Sun, but if you can't you will have to do it when the Sun.

– Busca la quietud. Before lie in savasana, it helps to become aware of breathing and relaxation of our body.

-All way needs someone that will make it possible. It is very convenient to have the guidance of a yoga teacher qualified that may lead you, through properly, carry out the technique, to help you keep your mind on the present and thus strengthen your experience.

-Have a sincere communication with the yoga teacher to adapt the greeting to the Sun to your physical condition, as there are several practices (pregnant, therapeutic, children...).

-Smile, because maintaining a soft smile relaxes the body and mind, helping you to enjoy much more in each sequence.

-It starts slow to provide stability in each sequence, to go by connecting each one of them.

-Listen to your body si lo quieres sentir. Ser consciente de cada secuencia; deja que poco a poco fluya en ti; haz sólo hasta donde puedas llegar cómodamente y luego estírate un poco más. Poco a poco irá mejorando la flexibilidad del cuerpo. Utiliza la respiración como punto de referencia: cuando es liviana y larga los músculos comienzan a relajarse, pero si es irregular, significa que te estás sobreexigiendo.

-Relieves tensions with the fumes. Get deep and long exhalations to join breath, body and mind easily and effortlessly.

– Eres único. Avoid compare yourself to other participants in the class, since every body is unique and the experience varies depending on the person.

Con cinco vueltas sentirás la energía y la transformación en ti. Cuando termines tu práctica de Surya Namaskar lleva tú atención al corazón y espera que se relaje para pasar a Savasana unos minutos, a fin de enfriar el cuerpo y consolidar la energía producida durante la práctica. Te ayudará a relajar completamente la mente y el cuerpo para dar paso a la concentración plena al comenzar las asanas.And if there is time only for the greeting to the Sun. It will help you to keep that regularity which, according to ancient texts, produces longevity, efficiency, strength and improve health in general.

The Sun, that great friend who gives us life; without it, life on earth would not exist. Practice Surya Namaskar makes the energy to wake up and flow within you.

Give you ten minutes and let's begin:

  1. Put you on the edge of the mat, feet together and inhale, shoulder blades back, exhale right and with chest and upright column, looking ahead to put your hands together in front of the chest where the heart (posture of prayer in respect to the Sun).
  2. Inhale and lift stretching hands and arms (not shoulders), keeping the hands together, and arches backwards as far as you can, but not forced.
  3. Exhale and takes your hands to feet you leaning forward at the waist, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Then download and try to keep them near the knees. If you're not very flexible, flexing the knees until you get this elasticity that allows you to it.
  4. Inhale and put your hands in the soil. Lower the hips and stretch the left leg back as much as possible, leaving the toes of the foot and the knee touching the ground. While you have folded right leg in a crouching position, leaving your right knee to come up to the chest. Keep your hands on the ground, straight arms, bows his head upward and backward, as if you were looking at the sky.
  5. Catch and stretch the right leg to design a table in your whole body.
  6. Exhale and lower your knees slightly touching the ground. Low and carries front and chest to the floor, keeping your hips slightly elevated.
  7. Inhale, stretch arms and lifts the chest up and arching her head back as if you were looking at the ceiling. Feet and knees must rest on the floor while his arms holding the rest of your body.
  8. Exhale and without moving your hands raises the pelvis. stretches the legs and tries to plant your heels on the ground bringing the hips back. Make the head look to your knees, stretch well here your back.
  9. Breathe in and repeats the number four position, but stretching the other leg (first bend the left leg and the left forward foot on the ground). Keep your hands on the floor, bring your hips down while you move the chest and head forward, allowing the left knee to the chest, and then bows his head upward and backward.
  10. Exhale and hold hands in place while you're wearing the right back leg so that it is parallel with the left leg. With both feet flat on the floor, keep your legs straight, the body bends at the waist and forehead - if you can - relies on the knees.
  11. Inhale and raised trunk, arms, and hands up and arch your back backwards.
  12. Exhale and Ponte straight / a and low arms and hands parallel to your body.

Nosotros los seres humanos somos un centro de conciencia en la Vida Una del universo. Nuestra alma ha tenido que ascender muchísimos peldaños antes de llegar a nuestro presente, etapa de desenvolvimiento. Y habrá que subir muchísimos peldaños más antes de liberarnos de las envolturas, tras completar nuestra estructura mental de todo lo que hemos sido antes, en todas nuestras experiencias y en las de la humanidad, de la que somos parte.

Breathe, flows and loves in the practice of Surya Namaskar.

Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado). Yoga teacher certified by the Sivananda school in Rudraprayag (India). Disciple of Fernando Diez. Collaborator of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Professor of yoga in Guadalajara.

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