Yoga para mejorar tu vida 9: Rutina de yoga para liberarte del estrés

El yoga tiene herramientas para contrarrestar las presiones a las que nos somete la vertiginosa vida actual. Hoy te ofrecemos este octavo vídeo de la excelente colección producida por Televisión Consciente en colaboración con YogaenRed: “Rutina de yoga para liberarte del estrés”, con Carla Sánchez.

¡Este es el penúltimo vídeo de la colección! Seguro que ya tienes los ocho anteriores, que son: "Yoga to clean and revitalize the body", "Asanas to strengthen your ABS" , "It awakens your legs" "It activates your metabolism and gains flexibility" , "The best postures for your back", "Positions for arms of steel" , “El poder antiedad del yoga” and “YogaYoga restaurativo para cuerpo y mente”. Today we will give you the ninth session of Yoga applied to specifically improve an important aspect of our well-being:

Rutina de yoga para liberarte del estrés:

Yoga para mejorar tu vida

Convivimos con el estrés incluso sin darnos cuenta y el cuerpo lo memoriza en forma de tensiones físicas que se asientan silenciosamente en diversas zonas. Estira, suelta y descomprime toda la presión acumulada realizando esta secuencia diseñada para proporcionarte el respiro que necesitas, y para estar más sereno y en equilibrio.

About Carla Sanchez

She attended her first yoga class ten years. Since little was educated in fundamentals as the conscience in the food, comprehensive health care, meditation and attention to what we are... These were his first gifts.

She studied classical dance during childhood and adolescence; He later trained as an actress. At that time it revealed that yoga would be your tool for growth and healing, both for me and for other people. Currently exerts both professions: "acting is my body, is communicate my mind and yoga is my soul, what connects me to everything, because being aware of every step I take and every moment is a way of life".

Carla attaches great importance to training and has spent years practicing and studying different styles of yoga. It was formed in Hatha in the international school of Yoga, Vinyasa Flow in New York with Evolation and Yoga for pregnant women in both schools.

It currently has two major projects, Secret Yoga Club in Spain, in-person workshops once a month in secret locations; and Project Yoga in Greece, an initiative of a humanitarian nature in which is Coordinator and lecturer teaching daily classes and training Syrian refugees and others affected in the conflict.

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