Guru Shopping, the wise choice of teachers

A great yogini made me a few interesting questions about gurus and here I try to respond with the greatest possible simplicity: What is the role of the spiritual master in the 21st century? Is it necessary to find one to wake up? Where do I find it? Write loyal Zaira.

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After twenty-five years in the world, education and a lifetime in the path of yoga Guru Purnima celebration, in honor of teachers, remains one of my favorites. In yoga, the figure of the master is also very important, although transfer function of the guru to our Western culture is almost impossible and maybe even some recommended.

In the spiritual path is that we can choose our teachers and is something that must be done thoroughly. Already in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells Arjuna that we become what about what we meditate, so learning how to select our teachers can propel us towards the light. The term "Guru shopping" I heard it was to Lama Marut, a wonderful teacher that taught me many things, and as the subject of the guru often come accompanied by controversy, found me a fun way to drama and treat it in a light way, in a very short time.

Guru in Sanskrit means 'having weight'. The word "gravity", for example, is derived from this term. He is understood as having great wisdom and knowledge, and whose light shines with force. It is the teacher or the teacher who guides you in the internal road, but not as something alien to you but as a reflection of the divine in you. The master is a "God" and not you're inferior, to the contrary, you have the ability to recognize a teacher because the high qualities you see in him or her are already in your interior.

Guru is who teaches us how to discover who we truly are. This last point is important: guru teaches you and you do the work, at the end, after all it's your own life and only you can live it. If we start from this basis, then the master must be someone that show you up to where it can get and which embodies everything that you can reach with your yoga. Having the support of a teacher is an honor, but do not appear in your life so suddenly, you must want it deep and also recognize them as such.

Just like when you are going to buy a car you are looking for one that meets the best requirements of safety, performance and comfort, when it's a teacher it is important to know What features should meet:

  1. You must live according to an ethic and moral universal: the best way to know if this happens is to observe how manifest the yamas or niyamas in his life.
  2. It is full of peace: This means that it is an example of the meditative state, especially during adverse conditions. You will know that it is master how has the conflict or the challenges of contemporary life.
  3. Understand the secrets of reality and the mystical: dedicates his life to the exploration of the inner world in the space of your own mind - heart and do not speak of nozzle, but from personal experience.
  4. Is qualified to teach you and you must have knowledge of different spiritual traditions: Yes, pundits also have a curriculum vitae, and for that reason I recommend that you investigate what that person has done and which has impacted their environment a little.
  5. It strives, enjoys teaching and knows how to do it: guru never rest on laurels, still constantly studying and feels that he loves to play the role played.
  6. It is a manifestation of pure love: you notice something special in their aura, a comforting peace that it relaxes and opens the heart.
  7. Never ceases to try or he surrenders, trust you fully, and will always be there supporting you, even when you give back, stay away from your side or reniegues he or she, the guru will continue pouring blessings upon you.

There is a very beautiful mantra whose first verse says OM Namah Shivaya Gurave, "I bow to the interior light, which is the true master", because the first thing we must take into account is the guru always, always within you, even when life circumstances are more obscure and prevent us from seeing clearly the light shines within. In this regard, the master to outside teaches you discipline and practices so that you can return to find that light inside you. The desire to do so is yours and work also, because nobody can walk your way better than yourself. The external master teaches you where is the key of happiness that always lasts, while to open doors you open them.

Reflections of your interior

For a long time we gave other people the power to be guides in our interior life, we are looking for teachers in whom we place full responsibility as if we were children needing of unconditional care and guidelines for parents, religions or therapists, but that is already not us. Now they are times to activate your own potential, ignite the flame in your own heart and grow illuminated by his presence. Your being has the power, courage and sensitivity to carry it out successfully.

The teacher or the teacher reminds you of your greatness and reflects the virtues that already exist in your own soul. Everything you see in the figure of your guru are reflections of what already exists in your interior. In addition, he or she is your number one fan! and works with you so do not forget to give you a reference that even the highest dreams are possible. Virtue arises from its being as pure fragrances. You will recognize his happiness, joy, confidence, compassion, peace, value, celebration, or wisdom, and, in turn, will expand in you.

Encontrar un maestro externo no es requisito imprescindible en el contexto espiritual del siglo XXI, pero ¡ayuda muchísimo! El maestro de afuera ha recorrido más lugares que tú y su sabia experiencia evita que des palos de ciego, que te pierdas o que deambules sin rumbo fijo durante años. En la evolución te encuentras con partes del camino que se hacen muy cuesta arriba, incluso muchas personas se desaniman y sintiéndose sin fuerzas para seguir, tiran la toalla. A veces se presentan cargas kármicas que deben ser transformadas, en otras ocasiones es difícil discernir con tanta cháchara de la ruidosa mente y hay momentos en los que avanzas por parajes nunca antes visitados y te asustas. Then the foreign teacher to take you hand, protects you with his love and remind you who you truly are. When that happens, you come back to put you on your two feet and walk full of enthusiasm.

Who was your favorite teacher at school, that who most influenced you? Do you remember how you encouraged to strive, how could you emocionaras with mates or with poetry? Perhaps influenced you teachers of fiction as the adorable Miss Honey's Matilda or Mr Keating's The club of dead poets. Most of the things that we know is we have them and many who are dedicated to teaching are in this way thanks to those people who inspired us immensely.

The night of full moon of July 27 celebrate with immense gratitude to all teachers!

Jai Jai Gurudev

Loyal Zaira She is the author of A feast for the soul and Yoga in the kitchen, Ed. Uranus. Yogini is considered from the cradle and started teaching yoga in 2000. It teaches public classes and training for teachers of yoga and meditation, programmes of training for teachers, as well as health and monographic workshops for women. He also worked as coach of health and well-being of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Linguist, is master's degree in education and is accredited in different styles of yoga, meditation and ayurveda.

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