Sankalpa, how to create purposes that last

Nice having an entire year by front, hang the calendar still brand new, and enter a cycle of adventure, learning, and not yet explored inner growth. I love this moment! Write loyal Zaira.

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If you're a skeptic, maybe you're thinking that time does not exist or that in fact the natural cycle of the solar year begins at the winter solstice. And you're right, but it is also true that the first days of January feels something special in the environment, the daring freshness of who has everything to live. Life gives us the opportunity to start over, make clean slate and create new energy directions for us and our lives.

Personally I embarkation me with all my passion in the first days of January because it is when I think my personal resolutions for the coming months. To do this I use a very interesting practice yoga and that has the power to sustain my good intentions: sankalpa. Kalpa means "idea or notion that arises from the heart", is a statement or particular vote. San means "like", referring to that is similar to your center of light or the essential divine spark that you are. So sankalpa is a resolution that materialized outside what you truly are.

Why do most new year's resolutions fail?

The most popular new year's resolutions are related to creating a healthier life, but unfortunately fail because, on the one hand, rely on something external rather than internal.

External as more exercise or quit smoking resolutions are fantastic and bring with them very beneficial changes in our lives, however, a sankalpa happens at a deeper level. It does not refer to external behaviors, but it is working with the thought patterns and beliefs that shape our reality. So with a sankalpa going to the heart of the matter, going to the root of what they do on the outside. If you want your resolutions to endure, I recommend that you work from both planes of your reality, from the inside dimension which in this case would run as the foundations of your reality and from the outside dimension, that is what you see on the surface. If you work only on the surface, it will soon fall what you've wanted to build carefully and March will be a vague memory of the way that you wanted to take.

On the other hand, when you work only on the surface, unless you realize you're making resolutions in a way that, instead of changing the exterior pattern, strengthen it. There is a universal law that reminds us that that where it gets attention, grows. So if you want to quit smoking and you constantly remember phrases as "I have decided to quit", "already don't smoke" or "I am free of tobacco", you are unconsciously strengthening your relationship with tobacco because it is still present in you. However, if you work with decrees as "I breathe pure air" or "I am connected with the purity of life" will be giving strength to the new pattern of conduct, which is also based on an essential component of who you are: vitality and purity.

Make smear...

So the sankalpa to take root and is the code that works in our life It is essential for us to transform the old patterns. That saying is so successful, because you cannot create something new if not freed the above. The past cannot be "deleted", nor is (question of karma), but you can unlock, transform and continuity. It is something like prepare the ground in your garden: weeds, clean booting them from root, remove earth, pay, water and leave it ready for new plants.

In relation to our resolutions and the evolutionary changes that we want to be giving in our lives, the way to do this is being attentive and watching When old patterns they want to rein in our day to day so that, until they do, we can stop, breathe and redirect our actions, words and thoughts. We can start with simple things, how to avoid succumbing to the temptation to eat a cream pastry. You are in the cafeteria and the waiter asks you: "What serve you?". Before responding with the usual list of foods mega sugary one thousandth of a second you have to observe the trend, release it transforming it with the breath and ask for something healthier. Moment by moment going changing until it reaches a day that neither passes you by head eat something because your mind asks you something more nutritious and full of vitality.

It is not so easy when it comes to mental conditioning or ideas that have created all about reality and that determine the way we interact with the world. The good news is that the process is the same as the example I have just given.

"You want", I don't know, live it

In the beginning of the article it said you a sankalpa is a resolution that comes from your inner, emphasising the greatness that you already.

The successful resolutions those that reveal are what's inside you. Everything that you want and need is already within you, just have to learn to take it abroad. We are going to do it with another example clear: a resolution that most people usually do at the beginning of the year is the start to exercise. The problem is that they are based on the basis that their bodies are imperfectos-fofos - weak and that you want to change them. It is true that there is much to improve and to Polish in the physical body of all, as sedentary lifestyles and widespread lifestyle prevents that the State of our physical, regardless of chronological age that is, youth, graceful and elastic than you c orresponde by nature.

So, that being said, do from where we are relating to it? From the principle that we should be like Heidi Klum or Cristiano Ronaldo? Do we say to ourselves that when we have more toned thighs or the more bulky biceps have we managed to achieve the ideal? Do we got on the scale with the attitude that a time to mark the sought after figure will have "arrived"? All that are goals that normally almost never arrive.

Instead of thinking about the perfection of your physical form in the future, It starts to live its splendor as it is now. It celebrates their intelligence, their capacity for regeneration, harmony Orchestra all body systems and maintaining balance. Breathe gently bringing attention to the feeling and the inner feelings of having a healthy and vibrant body. Then, with the aim of supporting the nature of what your body is, choose maintain healthy conscious movement routines and exercise that further enlarge those feelings. An example of sankalpa in this area would be: "My body is wonderful, and I choose to enhance your beauty, elasticity and dynamism."

While the news to endeavor to make us believe that the world is a mess and that everything goes wrong, life is wonderful and perfect as it is. Should make an effort to not to believe what they tell us, jump over the conditions and focus on seeing all that is going well. It requires determination and conviction that because many live, think and act so others can awaken the greatness that is the universe. This year we choose resolutions that reveal the light, wisdom and love of the human heart.

Loyal Zaira She is the author of A feast for the soul, Ed. Uranus 2014, and a second book to be published in June 2017. Yogini is considered from the cradle and started teaching yoga in 2000. It teaches public classes and training for teachers of yoga and meditation, programmes of training for teachers, as well as health and monographic workshops for women. He also worked as coach of health and well-being of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Linguist, is master's degree in education and is accredited in different styles of yoga, meditation and ayurveda.

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