Astrology + Yoga: old fears, new attitudes

This section of astrology + Yoga is the result of collaboration between an astrologer and a yoga teacher. What brings us this month? How can yoga help us to address their challenges and take advantage of their potential? Write Florbela Cristóvão and Montse Ramirez.

We entered July with great energy in the sign of Cancer in continuity with the last week of the previous month. Cancer is a water sign that is related to the world of emotions and feeling, with our sense of belonging, of family, roots, where repetition and habit are synonyms upon need for security and home protection. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the goddess mother who ensures the continuity of life through the repetition of cycles in nature and represents therefore an energy conservation. Up to the full moon, day 9 and the days around it, our themes of both material and emotional security-related matters will be being put to the test. During the first two weeks of July are invited to revisit our past, our origins, our memory. Understand that you for us outside in the world on our own feet, we need to recognize and feel us in connection with our link and membership needs.

The conjunction of the Moon filled with Pluto and opposition to Mars in Cancer, prenuncia the opportunity to transform old patterns of response and the need to regenerate our emotional responses, out of habit, repetition and predictability associated with. This opposition speaks of fears related to themes of survival and the need of find new response mechanisms. Perceiving that the answers that were functional and gave us a sense of security at certain times of our lives, today are nothing more than small pieces taken from reality and made absolute. Limiting and restrictive. The proposal is to go was after, to the past, to the emotional memory, to our family ties, anchoring from a feeling of belonging, but perceived the need to open ourselves to a process of transformation of our guidelines more crystallized, how is our relationship with the habit and security. We need to agree our needs with our desires and consciously activate this confluence.

We can see the importance of this period in the middle of this year's fire that we are taking the opportunity of exposing the process of liberation, of purification and expansion, in which we are called to create new structures that suporten our needs and desires, that support our growth process. We need new foundations that can propel us to new ways to build something new and significant for us. Without a sincere and honest, emotional anchor that takes into account our past and our vulnerability, it is not possible to structure a solid support base to expand flights and realize dreams. In October 2016 with the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, we began a cycle of regeneration of our understood libido as vitality, desire and will, now with these two planets in opposition we already see more clearly our trajectory since then and with higher definition the direction towards the second half of the cycle going until April of next year.

The energetic tone for the second half of the month will be substantially different, the presence of planets in fire and air elements becomes predominant, which will bring one tone of more cheerful and optimistic, ability to plan for the future and working with our aspirations in a structured way. It will allow us to be more adventurous, we venture to establish new collaborations and to expand the framework of our relations. The 23rd new moon in Leo and joint Mars conjunction that will remain until the end of the month, they are strong signifiers of our emergency individual statement, the value will be facilitated to express our uniqueness firmly and creatively. The sign of Leo reminds us that we are stars and we come to shine, this aspect will give us the excitement and confidence to carry out the changes we need to undertake and which were exposed during the first part of the month. Impulse, initiative and excitation will be key words during this period. But in the same way these same powers can lead to excessive impulsiveness, disputes and aggressiveness, squaring that also will be forming between Jupiter and Pluto during the last week of July, in addition to bring out the theme of the relationship brings us the need of reshape our understanding and reciprocity with the other bases. It will also be in this same area, relations, where arrogance and pride can be destabilizing factors. Remember that for most significant linkages we need even letting go of some of our more automatic, and defensive answers ancient fears that now can be processed more adult and creatively-driven.

Bhujangasanatransformation and renewal

In this month of July in which the stars invite us to carry out a thorough review of our past to get rid of old limiting patterns and get rid of them, I suggest that you dig in an emblematic stance and within reach of every practitioner of yoga: Cobra. If you can include this position in your practice and if not, dedicated few minutes of meditation to investigate on it.

The cobra, in yoga, reflects the dual nature of the snake, which represents death and rebirth. Your skin is constantly changing by the snake and that feature symbolizes the power of transformation and renewal: get rid of the old and creating the new.

Bhujangasana it evokes that power in the erect position of a cobra with its open spores, the snake that is able to remove the old and move towards what's new without fear. Everyone has that ability, but we firmly believe in it and put it into practice.

In India, both the Hindus and the Buddhists believe in the immortality of the serpent because of that characteristic of the skin change, and a snake that eats its tail is the hindu symbol of eternity. The God Vishnu It sits atop a thousand headed serpent who also represents eternity.

Although in the India snakes are venerated throughout the year, is worship reaches its peak in the Nag-Panchami Festivalfull of worship and rituals for protection and good will of the cobra. This year the Nag-Panchami is celebrated on 27 July.

Information prepared by:

Florbela Cristóvão, transpersonal astrologer (charts, face-to-face and Skype, meetings and workshops queries)

Montse Ramirez, journalist, yoga teacher - Escola Yogavida Coordinator

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