What happened at the Forum Being One?

After hours of delay in its opening day 12, began the well announced "biggest event of spirituality and personal development in Europe", Being One. The next day the generalist press reported that the event had been canceled, but the event continued... what happened at the Forum Being One? And teaching can be drawn from what happened? Joaquín G. Weil writes.

Suzane Powell, Sara Veneros and Joaquin G Weil.
Answering this question is the task that had to make their own speakers (those who arrived to intervene). Being One Forum He met, among others, to Robin Sharma, author of The monk who sold his Ferrari; Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, Gregg Braden, Alex Rovira, Mooji and dozens of best-selling personal and spiritual development of Spain and other countries.
The long-awaited assistance is encrypting in 10,000 attendees. Two days before the celebration, the site moved from the old Madrid Arena to cover Leganes, where approximately 2,800 people attended. The event started on Friday with two hours late and sound problems it took two extra hours to resolve.
Not passes nothing, was what was playing live, said Sergi Torres, This is a practical, and when they did not hear him and the public manifested as well, because it was mimicking. These moments were, paradoxically, the best of the day. It seemed a designed circumstance for Sergi put into practice its teachings, basically to be able to live in the present moment. And as is. In the afternoon I had a huge queue to which sign you his books. I also liked the energetic and heartfelt words of Don Jose Ruiz and his brother Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., sons of Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the Four agreements Toltec.
The next day, at the gates, there was a long queue already advanced overnight. It gave me time to make me a good yoga session and was happy. In anticipation of another long wait, I got into a cafeteria at breakfast, answer email, take notes and other various office tasks.
I phoned dew to tell me that the event had been suspended. Way back to the hotel where thought to pick up to take the train, I realized that had some books that give back to Andres Espinosa, so I went back to the deck. There I met the quantum physicist Felix Toran, that it came from France, for free, to participate in the event, and with whom I was talking a while. Then, suddenly, the gates of the compound were opened. So I called the hotel to book again and extend my stay one day more.
That morning he had been, while taking coffee, reading some general newspapers. I felt clearly that their news ("No news, good news", said Winston Churchill) had in me nothing good impact. So it was not surprising that some of these media are avalanzaran against the event, when it was announced the cancellation, that so typical thing of putting someone in the pillory (in this case digital) that a pack of anonymous commentators throw stones in the style of "already the" I said","There you have your well deserved", etc.

The spontaneous take power

I was glad the event had continued, dismasted when the same organization, suddenly there was up to members of the public who spontaneously took the witness and the relief, as Joel Miñana, that he wielded the microphone to encourage participants to continue the efforts. The Forum had become an ephemeris, which took a pace and an interesting course. Among other things, he played to make the collective assessment of what was happening.
I had the opportunity to personally discuss this with Anita Moorjani and with Emmanuel Dagher. When I asked them about what they thought of the financial problems of the event, looked at me with a smile. Imagine what you may think of these setbacks a person who has literally become the terminal illness and death, and another that has survived the war and the refugee camps in the Lebanon. I was told by Sergi.
Sergi Torres thought and conveyed all this can see you in the videos of Mindalia, OM Radio and the alternative window, which placed their cameras the scenario and also did some interviews, as with the aforementioned Moorjani, Dagher and Joe Vitale, that was several years of his life living as a homeless. what really was happening? The reality is that Robin Sharma, Álex Rovira and others suddenly upheld in chairs to speak before the public in the manner of the old speakers before microphones, loudly, before hundreds of people, while the Organization exposed that there was no money to follow, to hear people that in fact we were listening to.
The miracle happened and the doors were reopened, there was no or giant screens, wifi, streaming, or lack making. The authors, apart from what they had prepared, had to deal with the present moment." You are not mere spectators, you are cocreating what is happening here,"said already on Sunday Neale Donald Walsh, What a speaker impressive, very integrated at present, interacting with the camera crane threw kisses, with her own cough that sincopaba their biblical speech of Jesus, of his conversations with God, intertwined with his jokes that accomplices with the public. "I am saying what has been said since thousands of years ago and I called new age preacher" (New Age).
"I was tired of gurus that told me what to do, and now I have become one of them," he said amid laughter Jeff Foster.
My experience is that it was precisely in times of uncertainty and chaos when I enjoyed more than the event: emerging life everywhere, spontaneity, improvisation, away from the strait-jacket of the order, by more than, to plan, obviously this necessary. All I felt is that we had not been able to hear guests to the room parallel, as the aforementioned Felix Torán or the international specialist in Kabbalah, Mario Saban.

It did not take much

Among the participants there were many people that we, in our turn, organizers of events of this line. And of course we were taking note of how it is better not to do things. Speaking with ones and others, the conclusion was identical, as the own course of events had shown, it did not take much, there was no need to bring together so many people on so many speakers. The message that had been given was based not so much on the uniqueness of the event as in size. Of course... everything can still be well afterwards.
The "flowing with the present moment", which is repeated as a mantra in this scene, is OK, but the true heart of the matter is planning something and do it, and how to adapt our projects to the results to be obtained. When things go well, we call "synchronicity", "Tao" or, by another name: "success". When they go wrong, it is called "samsara".
From the outside, for example from the General media, this is not understood, among other things because they don't want to understand and use labels like "self-help", "coaching" and "new age". If someone you want to dig a little deeper into what happened and learn any lesson, please continue reading this account of what happened.
I sincerely think that in any of the books of this range there are interesting messages and authenticity, important clues for many people. Some of its authors also know transmit sincere and full mode. And here the heart is in that same: sincerity, the authenticity of living what he's saying, which depends on what is said, is a challenge.
On the other hand there are various stereotypical stories, precisely if they are flying as a chorus, as ideology, ranging in the opposite direction to what supposedly intended to. I don't want to make this joke but increasingly seems to be what it is about how being Holy, rich and wise. All at the same time. That's great. Of course, who will not want to that.
Is widespread that story that we can call the Spiritual novel, as once I conveyed in an article of the same name. And that would basically be like this: person of the business world has a crisis or a dream and discover spirituality, to change his life. And lived happily and Colorín colorado. This was actually in the story of presentation of "Being One".
Then it is also the story that in the middle of despair, depression or anxiety suddenly know enlightenment or transformation, as Eckhart Tolle o Jeff Foster, among others. And then arises or is born the task (I don't want to call it 'mission') of spreading it to others.
Finally (and this is perhaps my favorite) are those from loss, disease, poverty, war and disaster losing everything in that loss, discover a light about what really matters, as a crucible through the debugging concerning knew it rfluo involving the loss, as it happened to Anita Moorjani, he lost not only the health, if that did not die, which in reality means the largest of all the losses, with respect to the terrestrial. That is in essence and purity of the spiritual knowledge, it is not of this earth. And Anita returned. And knowing what is essential also in the transmundo, also known as essential in this world.
I have quoted to Moorjani, also could have cited others as Emilio Carrillo (it was at the time in the shelter of Bravo Pepe in Malaga).
I think that perhaps many suits know or remember this: even in the so-called "intuition", "flowing with life", "synchronicity", etc. is possible the self-deception and, therefore, the subsequent disappointment. The issue is that, within the "spiritual novel" in the story of ida, from the world of business, company, etc. to spirituality, because everything is dramatically beautiful, very nice. But when the "zen host", disappointment and disaster occurs in the so called "world spiritual and personal development", where to go?

For who longs to reach a single tacada this prodigious triad: wisdom, Holiness, and wealth, who knows that only from the great illusions are possible not least big disappointments. Although, for some, perhaps finally (because life is) is worth both the way of ida, as the return. Closed the Being One a Mooji that seemed a Pekin, not only because of its beautiful figure, but his magnificent presence, his blessings, the silence that expanded by the public.

It was clear that the tickets faces, the division of the wizard in classes (nothing more alien to the unit), the search for the grandeur by the sheer size, or the number were not formula.
Conclusion: Being One Forum left as I should have left, with their unforeseen and their uncertainties, with their improvisation and spontaneity, with its orderly disorder, with the cooperation or protest of the participants, with the help of improvised volunteers... I don't want to offend anyone and this is my subjective view: the real disaster, the real catastrophe is that it had gone as planned.

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