The Yoga of the Vedas

Of the Vedas is all a millenary culture, of the most ancient that exists, transmitted from each other until you reach us, crossing borders, because it is and it was created for its unlimited extension, to help the man and thereby help the world understand its existence". Writes Mayte Aguado)Maheshwari).

Goddess durga

The Yoga of the dealiento of Arjuna: "... And when a town loses its traditional virtues is the Vice and impiety. This is how the women in a family are corrupted and the purity of the blood is altered. Adulteration of the blood clouds the rites and ceremonies in honor of the ancestors, according to our ancient customs; and if the popular teachings do not lie, those remain mired in poverty and misfortune. Thus, o Krishna!, through the crimes of those who destroy their own relatives, the virtues are lost and it casts a shadow over the glory of the family. Such calamity apena and degrades the ancestors, as we were taught the instructors of our village. woe is me! The curse awaits us if we tried to kill our relatives, dragged by the ambition of power and of the foolish desire of the earthly domain. I prefer to offer my bare chest to the arms of the kurus before so foolish crime against my relatives. Woe is me! Woe to us all." (Bhagavad Gita_Cap.1).

Do Yoga is to learn the way of the action in inaction, here is where you open the door to knowledge, as described in the Vedas, those great philosophers (wise) who dedicated his life to understanding and transmission of Sat Chi Ananda (existence, knowledge and bliss), where the individual consciousness and the Universal consciousness reunite, to achieve a certain State of consciousness of Union with the all. Speaking of the Vedas is talk about legacy and knowledge based on basic research (which shows the theory), to continue with the applied research (where the approach is resolved).

For the teachings of the Vedas it requires patience and will, to understand the process and the order which have to pass our discernment (sensory perception, understanding, and reason). If we skip any of them can drop in malpractice and lead to erroneous judgments, even that malpractice is what has led many to transform such knowledge, to make it a new method that actually does the transformation, just comes to certain stimuli that has nothing to do with personal transformation.

Many people may think that such a transformation is good and logical, but perhaps it is best to work from the beginning of the transition to the knowledge, to obtain a more profound development of the same. Working personal development through the techniques and philosophy of the Vedas, where his own essence part of the boundless, in which it aims to break barriers that the human being has been generated, is to transcend to a real experience of life, to a practical philosophy.

The great teachings bequeathed by the Vedas encompass a wide range where the theme looks different but all are mutually connected. Speak to us of the visible world, living and inanimate, being guided in this direction through the constant flow of the five elements (fire, Earth, water, air and sky or space), in the harmony of its combination keeps in balance and performance to the universe, including the human being, in this Why bring us awareness of Union.

If we were beyond that learning would see certain similarities, citing for example the science of the Vedas that talks about that part known as Feng Shui, which in the Vedas is called the Vedic Science of the Vastru Shastra, This science, which is an ancient technique that examines the provision of dwellings and workplaces to attract the well-being, harmony and prosperity. Discover these great secrets that keep the Vedas in the Vastu Shastra It is to discover that in the Vedas also took into account the color, smell, taste, resonance and consistency of soil, the orientation of the housing and the distribution of dependencies... And this is just one example, because it's amazing to find out the extent of the teachings of the Vedas, from its origins to the Vedanta (end of Vedas).

Understand the existence of the world

As you can see talk of the Vedas is to speak across an ancient culture, of the most ancient that exists, which has been transmitted from each other until you reach us, crossing borders, because it is and was created by and for its unlimited extension, to help the man and therefore help the world understand its existence. And here is where I ask myself: why to insist on a knowledge an exercise gym, or science, or theology? So we raised borders of something that was bequeathed us with generosity. It only serves to lead to major errors students.

Finally, let us not forget that the term Veda means knowledge, and tto the knowledge it was based on the material creation, soul, life and absolute reality. It therefore goes beyond any border or allotment. Pigeonhole in science or theology and not say in gymnastics, it is an outrage. They are teachings created to motivate human beings so that they understand that we are not separate entities, but rather universal body parts dependents of other many superior forces, and the ways to achieve this are endless.

As you see the philosophy of the Yoga not is only exercise; It goes far beyond. Know its origin, to know why its essence, is to recover the transmitted teachings, because sincerely in this beautiful journey of Yoga I believe that we must continue to transmit, each in their modest measure, this philosophy and fail to settle for the crumbs that fall from the table. Be a Yogi is to be and always be in this present connected with our interior, with the Universal, because discover that we are the great gods of this humanity is the key that will open a door for infinite Universal peace.

Maheshwari (Mayte Aguado). Yoga teacher certified by the Sivananda school in Rudraprayag (India). Disciple of Fernando Diez. Collaborator of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Professor of yoga in Guadalajara.

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