The derealization

By fleeting moments, a highpoint of perception allows to detect the illusion that hides a reality that is overlapped by the apparent. The scenario where we recreate our performance becomes a carton decor stone, a mysterious props where anxiety is triggered by his terrifying vastness. Writes Raul Santos Caballero.


The feeling of entrapment within the own life is harrowing, heartbreaking. We experienced the strong experience that we are subject to finitude without possibility of escape. The reality gives us the back, leave us orphans of herself in one deep solitude more than the absence of people us around.

In that moment of astonishment, of conviction of falsehood in everything that surrounds us, reveals an inclination to decipher the conquest of ultimate meaning of all existential Assembly. At that moment, we felt a cosmic loneliness out of the ordinary. That desrealizada reality leave us a footprint of our fleeting time on this experiential level. As more real than ever live that one day travel will have an end and that this sentiment escapes a rational or intellectual understanding. At that time not only leaves us the reality that accounts for us, but the common mind, because in this area do not operate regularly as is customary.

The person who has had to live and live in this phantasmagoric Theater feel that something has changed. Something has removed it. There are now Anything else. Rather than try to call their attention through a bizarre game. Life, in which so immersed had felt so far, becomes a sham compared with that another reality that is behind all consistent.

This traumatic experience that is insustanciabiliza all its around (including in many cases self - depersonalisation-) leaves the person an additional shock that breaks with all that had previously formed. Doubt the veracity of reality, because now the effort is to feel it consistent.

There is friction between parallel realities, the belief of what wobbles or as though it has been the closest thing to a hallucination, is was not real, experienced as the greatest of the realities. Dread may leave stunned who experiences it, because there is no where to hold or where to take it. One feels lost, compass has failed. The map has deteriorated and not allow to view its contents. Hides us a road that we thought we controlled perfectly. Sensitivity emerges, the soul seems which translates what the eyes do not see. It seems that one has discovered a trick of magic where he was trapped.

It reveals the hidden potential

Happens once all Gale returns to the same tune. It seems that all the mess becomes to order before our eyes. There is no evidence, everything returns to readjust as before. It would seem that playfully, the existence has spent us a macabre joke, has invited us to a kind of hideaway where involved not only the visible and tangible objects, but everything that belongs to the sphere of the inanimate and immanifested.

The fact is that this experience happens to who again and again, should proceed with allocation of a meaning so that it is not in a sterile unpleasant sensation, as is perhaps indicative that should not settle and track that other reality which will drain their reduced compression.

Once the person experiencing this type of feelings, senses that any stressor can trigger the trigger that activates them again. The body is prepared for the flight, but where? There are no more distance than ourselves, more closeness than our own reality. We can escape everything less than ourselves.

Who does not live it doesn't understand it. In addition, if you have it must load with incomprehension by the rest of the people, because neither remotely associated with that state your history of experiences.

For the search engine is an engine that moves you to stretch the inner hidden potential, Since it is interpreted as a kind of spiritual duermevela access, where the raw disreality deals with you to let know you that you should not fail in an attempt to reach the awakening of consciousness.

Similar to a block of marble statue is already inside, we must carve up the true essence we insufflates and allowing reconcile with a higher reality and thus avoid the existential enmity.

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By • 22 Feb, 2016 • section: General