Doña Letizia, Iyengar Yoga and discipline

I read the article by Consuelo Font in The world entitled "The Iyengar yoga, secret for the serenity of Doña Letizia". I am not bumping me input on yoga topics that tend to be unusual in the media. Then I'm thinking about the Reina Letizia and rigidity... Pepa Castro writes. Photomontage by Vanitatis magazine.


Yes, I liked reading this article: "The Iyengar is a method of hatha yoga created by master B.K.S. Iyengar (...). His method, aimed at the transformation of the individual, is based on the combination of asanas or postures of yoga, pranayama, meditative discipline of yogic breathing and the pratyahara, or attitude of introversion of the sensory organs... "." Note that the emphasis in bold is not mine, but of the original. By Consuelo Font: transformation of the individual, This is yoga.

I least liked to read in the article that this modality of yoga "it has made furor especially in women aged 30 to 50 years with important executive positions". Yes? This assertion is not explained, but then says: "Profile that fits like a glove in the Reina Letizia, that Add in his capacity as an almost obsessive perfectionism that has led him to take extra care of his person". Implies the author's article that the strict implementation of this form of yoga technique fits with the dispicipla, perfect alignment (straight gait, I would say to my mother) and hipercontencion which the Queen exhibits in its public compadecencias?

Let the futile speculations there. Of course the teacher Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar not taught us to cultivate the rigidity, the opposite. Although it is well known that it was very demanding with practice ("the instrument of liberation", Viña Shikha Tantra, 137). He never stopped practicing, and never tired of teaching: "when I practice, I am philosopher; When I teach, I am a scientist; When I show, I am an artist".

Guruji Iyengar was a total genius, and not just yoga, recognized internationally and unanimous. Proposed for Nobel Peace Prize, considered one of the most influential in the world, endorse the excited words devoted to Oscar Montero, teacher of Vedanta and yoga, after his death on August 20, 2014: "can not describe in a few words the immense contribution and revitalization that the contemporary yoga has received from the hands of" Guruji. Without his gigantic work and glory that has surrounded her life we could not practice yoga as we know it today. Thank you Guruji, with all my heart. We will never forget the sacrifice you have made to get the teachings of yoga to as many people".

Including Queens. As the Queen Mother of Belgium, by the way, who is said to own Iyengar taught him to make Sirsasana, the stance on the head, at the age of 82.

Who can speak of rigidities?

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