After the ecstasy, the wash

From time to time remind my students in the classes of meditation that "after the ecstasy, the laundry", because many times we extraviamos in all sorts of speculation, speculation, metaphysical fantasies, and lose us the blunt reality of what is. Calle Ramiro writes.

wash ecstasy

The spirit and matter walking side by side, and as they say many scholars, importantly, put your hands on the work, the mind connected to the top and not a wave of concern reaches the brain. But nobody can fail to work, and even a liberado-viviente still has to meet their basic needs and cannot live air by very romantic that it could result to the imaginative minds of so-called new age.

You have to breathe, eat, clean themselves and resolve their physiological needs and, by the way, if they atormentasen him, despite being lit, suffer pain. Giving free rein to their uncontrolled or dislocated imagination, like people, think that the enlightened is impassive everything, frock coat when he wants and where he wants to, has open the third eye that sees all and above their basic needs. Not really. And that makes him more meritorious. Lighting humanizes, not dehumanizing.

Even if they tell us that everything is Maya, that is illusory, the truth is that a migraine do much suffering and one is no impassively before a severe toothache pain. You must move in two planes, which could be called suprasensorial or spiritual, but also in the everyday. There is a very significant story:

A teacher is for years telling his disciples that everything is an illusion. One day his son dies and starts to cry inconsolably. The disciples cast it on face and he declares: "is that it is so painful to lose an illusory son in an illusory world!".

So we must learn to engage in two planes. Once I asked a spiritual mentor what he defined a wise person, and said: "that knows surf in the two oceans: the outer life and inner life". The life of every day is here, always has, but we can impregnate her spirituality and a
sense of self-development and self-improvement.

Not without effort

Today being a series of pseudoespirituales movements that often makes us live with their backs to the authentic teachings. The neoyogas (which have no Yoga), have been fashionable the neotantra or the neovedanta, and too many times is skewed or distorted the genuine teaching. Those authors of "spiritual" best-sellers claiming to have been enlightened of young and quite naturally have become fashionable. They deceive people and make it think that they can evolve consciously without effort. It is a dangerous fallacy.

The Buddha himself said: "Don't know nothing so powerful as the effort to combat laziness and apathy". And he also said: "the great spirit designated route, but self has to go through it". And is only recorrre with
much motivation, effort, determined and relentless practice. Only by the great effort you can reach the effort effortlessly.

The teachings should be validated by personal experience. Yoga moves not by belief, but by experiences. And the yogic attitude should lead it to the life of every day. We have to understand is that What is really going to transform is the practice, and that we are going to change mentally in such a way that we can then maintain an attitude of harmony in the life of every day, despite their hardships and vicissitudes.

Follow a method It is essential, because otherwise one is lost in ideas and even believes that he is waking up and every day is more sleep. Every day life becomes the great teacher, and is a challenge that allows us to see to what degree of truth are maturing emotionally and spiritually moving. Can not access to a higher plane of consciousness if we do not carry out the inner work. It is easier to make cheap metaphysics, but that not transformed; It's easier to get lost in spiritual ideas, but that does not change. What we will actually mutating is incorporate the teachings to our daily life and persist in practice.

As Kabir, addressing his disciples said: "look at me, myself I am a slave of my own strength". The will is required. Grace only arises within us when we put the means and conditions to do so.

The neoyogas, the neotantra and the neovedanta, promise much, but do not give anything. They are a spiritual pain reliever or a
placebo, but nothing more. The lighting is up to us, but must win it. If we move or not, if we are cheating or not, we can see that in everyday life, according to how and with what attitude face events, trivial or important, pleasant or ungrateful, of the evolution of every day.

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By • 16 Nov, 2015 • section: Signatures, Calle Ramiro