Do you feel when you practice yoga?

I feel therefore I am. They say that until the spirits have feelings, and more profound than the bodies. But here in this our life on Earth, we feel with the heart, lung and other organs, muscles and bones. To exercise us in our yoga asanas and spacious breaths vigorous move to thinking and feelings. Joaquin G Weil writes. Photo Toni Otero.

Yoga en la Plaza Toni Otero

Last Friday, October 23, 2015, we celebrate the second edition of the Yoga on the square in Malaga, fifty meters from the House where Picasso was born.

For the first time, AFAIK, experience was carried out in a session of yoga citizen ask more than three hundred participants, at the end of practice, they rise to the podium to choose one of the labels that we had prepared so that they express their feelings or sensations yogic, or those positive qualities which had connected or that had come through their practice of yoga : health, love, power, balance, joy, responsibility, gratitude, union, attention, creativity, respect, serenity and so until almost twenty.

Then you could make a picture or selfie showing the selected tags and share snapshots with your family and friends on social networks. In a field of communications so technologically advanced as filled with banalities, these initiatives I think are a push toward the positive, sensible and calm.

Returning to the phrase of the principle, said the philosopher Descartes that all is dubious, except that we think, then we exist. But this is simplistic process short, because the entire phrase would be: I feel that I think, therefore I feel that I exist. And I feel and experience many things. The feeling and even feelings above and happen to thought. The heart is who tells us what is right.

When the yoga teacher Pilar Jurado He would kindly making these colorful labels, I noticed several facts of wisdom. One of them is that our positive personal qualities are at the same time, positive qualities for the conviviality in the whole population, and thus with one love is the love for others. And he is really happy, want happiness for all. And that is cheerful, wants to share his joy. And that is attentive, then respect. Etc.

The secret of yoga

When I presented the event on behalf of neighbourhood Picasso, the Areas of sport and environment of the city of Malaga and the Andalusian Institute of Yoga, once again told in loud voice and PA the secret Yoga: to have a mind and a happy spirit it is necessary to live in a happy body: a comfortable and broadly upright body and breathing long breaths of divine energy and deep exhalations of tranquility and peace. Yoga helps us to achieve this.

Several years ago (but an insignificant period in the long history of yoga), it has become fashionable in different schools teaching in a yoga de pretensiones cientifistas, making emphasis on the anatomy of our body.

Mimicking the so called medical science and others, that yoga is something as one intended technology movement and the positions of the body. And stands as a mantra the concept of the alignment. I have to remember that in nature there is straight line, just as there are no perfect circles. Either white or black. Everything in nature is expressed in many forms and nuances.

The famous alignments of yoga are nothing more than an attempt to project our poor mathematical or geometric concepts about the enormous wealth of nature. And if someone does not believe me, then you don't need to put a day of quantum physics; that simply read to Immanuel Kant, that left everything clear and in German: geometry and arithmetic are just projections of our minds. No one since has dared to answer. We continue with the reasoning...

There is no worst mistake that appeal to reality and take the real thing by its concept. Some believe that by speaking of muscles, tendons and bones approach to the real, when they are really wound his brains out trying to fit the feelings that come from your body with the mental images of an anatomical atlas. Is that yoga?

And what is the real thing? As Buddha said, the real thing is this. As-is. Tathagata.

Even so, as I don't want to be fan of the ideas which I am more certain, I grabbed a thick Anatomy book willing to study it, even the Henry Gray completo Anatomy of the Human Body, a former Treaty. And I saw how old that was, was not adorned by nice colors but it looked like exactly what an anatomy in strict etymology is: a dissection of corpses. And of course, the corpses do not practice more than a single yoga position: savasana.

Epidemics of muscle aches

What anatomist of the teaching of yoga gave me the absurdity of fashion runway was the epidemic of pain in the pyramidal muscle. How can a pain in a muscle to be a fad? As so many other things, such as diseases that are fashionable for a while and then either disappear, not to speak of them, or fall into other concepts, such as old chlorosis, pandemic, which in his time was passed out to the nineteenth century damsels and which already nobody remembers.

As well, other examples as well. Corresponds to the superb scientistic believe that mistakes are a thing only of the past. False. Already laugh our descendants of the countless injustices of our time. Also as the strange mystique surrounding today to the músculos psoas, and whatever comes. I have typed in the search "meaning of the psoas muscles" and find me an article entitled "Muscles Psoas or muscles of the soul" in the first place. There goes that, which I do not even deny can have up to his part of truth. Etc.

Already tired of so many headaches in the pyramidal bedeviling yoga students and other friends, I decided to find out what were those muscles that hurt so much to people. To my surprise I discovered that part of humanity has only those muscles. People (20% of the world population) there are thousands who live his life without them so richly. Or worse, may be that even without them, they hurt. (As pointed out the neurologist Oliver Sacks pain in the phantom limbs). Such are the tricks of the mind. I know that some readers will not want to believe me, but it does not lack that I created, hence have Wikipedia.

We finally find the joke of the conscientious yoga teacher anatomist who, on a strong rotation in the trochanter, advise commands stretch the pyramid. And brave anatomical yoga student perhaps ghostly pull a muscle in your body that doesn't even exist.

Now comb one sufficient amount of reeds in OHC that allow me to advise the following: forget Yoga fashions and return to the essences: pratyahara and dharana. It connects with you, see your sensations and feelings. Lord of your emotions through the practice of yoga. It reaches your real goal: happiness and happy.

The only thing you can not doubt in this world is your feelings, emotions and feelings. Do you feel when you practice yoga? You can tell us about it at:

Joaquin G Weil

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Joaquín García Weil He graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher and Yoga room Málaga director. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (leading disciple of Iyengar), with whom he has learned in Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters. More information:

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