Specialization course in Ayurveda

This specialization course in Ayurveda and nutrition of the international school of Yoga you complete your training and, in any case, delve into the art of healthy living.


Make 5000 years it developed a system healing full and wonderful called Ayurveda This term, which is derived from the word Ayu (Life) and Veda (Knowledge), has a meaning that transcends to the of "system healing": Ayurveda is the Art of living, Science holistic dealing with imbalances of the body, mind and spirit.

The school international of Yoga offers a Specialization course, Ayurveda and nutrition, for 36 hours, given by José Luis García in Madrid, with beginning November 28.

The Ayurveda has its roots in the Charak Samhita, a Treaty of more than 3500 years that, to his time, is based on the Agnivash Samhita, the oldest work of those times. According to Ayurveda, the universe, the macrocosm, the microcosm and the human being, they are part of the Panchmahabhoot, the five fundamentals. The balance between these elements ensures the life in this universe and of each be living.

Ayurveda & nutrition

The needs nutritional of each person in Ayurveda, depend of the Constitution, the operation of agni, the activity and the climate local. Therefore, the choice of diet must also conform to these factors. Is accurate in addition to design a diet that contribution servings weighted of sugars, proteins and fats, provide a setting perfect to them needs real, since can not be assimilated by some problem digestive.

A substance can produce different effects in people, even in the same person depending on its life time. In addition to digestion, there are variables that have to do with the State of moods, the strength of mind and tissues, the operation of the products of waste, etc.

For these reasons, the approach of Ayurveda acquires a dimension of complex and unique, totally different from the biomedical approaches. We need to know the individual prakruti, routines and daily activities, besides knowing the qualities of food and the effects produced in the body and the internal and external conditions that may affect the person.

To who it directs the course

  • To all the people interested in your well-being physical, energy and mental; in its growth and evolution:
  • Teachers and instructors of Yoga that want to complete their training and deepen in their proposals.
  • Medical, therapists, dietitians and other specialties psychophysical that are interested in learning the technical traditional of the science Ayurvedic.

In addition, as comprehensive health center international school of Yoga offers personalized treatments and consultations that achieve benefits and wonderful results.

Start of the course 28 of November
Module I: 28-29 nov
Module II:9 - 10 Jan
Module III 6-7 feb

José Luis GarcíaJosé Luis García is licensed in Psychology by the UAM. Specialized in disciplines and areas psychological (Master psychology, courses of specialization in treatment cognitive-behavioural and psychology social).

Formed in Ayurveda (massage and therapies manual) between the years 2005 and 2007 in the International School of Yoga and in the Spa the forest, with different teachers. Formed in therapy transpersonal, master of Reiki (Alicanza Spanish of Reiki) and instructor of Yoga and meditation for the school international of Yoga.
Exercises as therapist Ayurvedic since makes more than 7 years and participates in those treatments specialized of detoxification (Panchakarma) in the Spa the forest.
Is Professor of massage and therapy manual in different institutions, companies and associations.

For more information and reservations: 91 416 68 81-648 078 824-677 253 399. Calle Fuencarral 134-input Alburquerque-28010. Madrid

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