Beyond the inner silence

There is a very important meditation technique and that often run in the yoga classes mental give and which is called meditation of silence or meditation on the self. It is par excellence a valuable technique of introspection to create an interior space of silence and develop the feeling or presence of be. Calle Ramiro writes.

inner silence meditation

Through the silence goes one abstracting sense of itself for cultivating consciousness pure and naked be. To carry out this technique we are based in principle on three requirements:

  1. Unplug for a few minutes of the cares, occupations and concerns of everyday life (why the world not be for).
  2. Ignore the thoughts, without even oppose them, taking them as clouds that come and go but that does not draw us.
  3. Put all the attention, energy and interest in one's self, to internalize, make a space of inner silence and connect with yourself.

Is not developing the thought of being, but the feeling of the am-live-exist. Whenever the mind is exteriorize, should take it and dump it in, go plunging deeper and deeper into the interior silence and plunge into the feeling of being. Thus one is gradually getting the arrest of body and mind and are going, as say the Yogis of the India "a bath of itself". This self-absorption is soothing and joyous, inhibits thoughts and allows us to move to the quiet mind.

Another very old technique of interiorization and abstraction is the one called "find refuge in the heart". We don't mean to the heart as a physiological body, but to that area of the chest that we all feel so close and intimate.Ramana Maharshi He spoke of the "spiritual heart", Center for energy and headquarters of the self which is next to the heart. The exercise consists in trying to learn in this area, by placing in the same mental attention trying to dive into one, withdrawing the senses and ignoring any mental activity. As the ancient yogic instruction reads: "When the thoughts stop, is revealed the light of being". In fact the first definition of yoga written is: "The Suppression of thoughts", because that way the meditator is is established in its original nature.

But with it being important that immersion in the interior silence and the presence of being, it is insufficient. It is one method of research itself and self-development, but it must be necessarily complemented by one work more broad and definitive, as the establishment of care in everyday life, genuine ethics, work on emotional reactions, self-monitoring in the journal evolution, control over the words and acts, the self-knowledge, the improvement of the relationship with others, the cultivation of compassion and lucidity. In sum, all a work on oneself that is mutating the consciousness. There are also other meditation techniques beyond the of the inner silence is also required to practice and to help develop the correct understanding or wisdom.

On the one hand are the techniques of introspection and self-absorption, which should be complemented by attentive and unaffected observation techniques. It is necessary, according to all the wise men of the East, keep the triple discipline: ethics, the mental unification and the development of the Sabiudria. Wisdom is that allows you to see things as they are and overcome the deception and corruption of the mind. True inner freedom arises from wisdom.

Yoga is a direct path to wisdom, and the most direct route to be meditation.

Calle Ramiro

RamiroCalleMore than 50 years has been Calle Ramiro teaching yoga. He began teaching at home and created an Academy of yoga correspondence for all Spain and Latin America. In January of l971 opened its Yoga Center Shadak, that have already passed more than half a million people. His 250 published works include more than fifty devoted to yoga and related disciplines. He has made Yoga the purpose and sense of his life, having traveled a hundred times to India, the homeland of yoga.

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