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We are going to tell you a story of yoga. Do you know what is yoga? It makes thousands of years a few gentlemen residing in India were to observe nature, their animals, mountains, rivers, seas, planets, stars, etc. And they began to move imitating them, creating positions, sounds and similar movements. So were many legends, tales and stories in which the characters charged life and movement thanks to the positions of yoga! This is the first in our series of stories. Writes Cayetana Rodenas. Illustrates Maria Paseli.

OWL and Butterfly

There was once a large, strong and sturdy tree with very long branches that were growing towards the sky. He lived an OWL who slept during the day and was awake during the night. Also lived at the other end of the tree a beautiful Butterfly with two antennae and huge wings.

But neither of the two knew that they had a friend in the same tree. Therefore the two thought they were alone, and were sad.

The OWL had some friends who visited her at night: the snake, cat and frog. And the Butterfly had other friends who visited it during the day: the Swan, the dog and the lizard.

Meanwhile the Sun and the Moon were shining, day or night, and were close friends despite leave at different times. They showed every day that could not live without the other and thus wanted that the OWL and Butterfly knew that they were not alone. So one day they were in that you were going to shine both at the same time, the Moon and the Sun!

So they did and the butterfly flit happy as every day making much noise to move their wings above and down nonstop, and pulled the antennae to smell the flowers to her around. And in one of their flutters OWL heard it and was very happy to see that another friend lived in your tree.

They spent the day flying happy together and telling all their friends that they had met.

The Moon and the Sun were told that even though they lived in different times, night or day, know that they always had a friend nearby that could be counted. Thus they parted and it wanted Goodnight and good morning.

Since that day the butterfly collecting beautiful flowers and left them in the nest of the OWL when you wake up, and in turn the OWL left insectitos which had been found during the night.

In this way, the butterfly and the OWL followed the advice of Sun and Moon and began to be friends and to feel happy knowing that someone took care of them while they slept, or while they were awake.

And that's that since then, in the evenings, we see flutter to fireflies OWL around, and they are also called "night butterflies".

Cayetana Rodenas It is a Yoga teacher and senior of Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher.

Maria Paseli She graduated in fine arts, Illustrator, teacher and educator.

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