The pyramid of Maslow was upside down

In duermevelas nights I wake up angry with inspiring images of the mind. This time I woke up with a martilleante motto: "the pyramid of Maslow was upside down". Writes Joaquin G. Weil. Photos Toni Otero. (In the image 1, the author facing the pyramid in Adho Mukha Vrksasana; in the 2, facing the authority in Tadasana component).



Come on, that anyone can grab it and makes you an Marxian analysis where Maslow He represents bourgeois superstructure, and Butler is the murderer of the Earl Lord in mystery novel. mainly due to the class struggle.

As I tell it, in those duermevelas that are the Beachcomber of the unconscious against the conscious and they constellate hypnagogic images, as in Savasana or relaxing body position (as much as corpses or suffer suffer, nor nor relax too) at the end of your yoga class, suddenly saw the pyramid (rather simple triangle ascended of grade geometrical) with the tip towards below.

Maslow, as good American, and up to as good psychologist, wanted to order them needs human where down would be the more elementary and above them more spiritual or ethical. It HA!

But, OK, do not deny that in the United States of America, such things happen, but it is also true that in India and other countries many people breathe, eat, sleep or even make love mostly because God, or the gods all the crowded hindu Pantheon, there are.

According to the pyramid, once again would be the rich as not only satisfied of all low need, but also accessing the ethical and the spiritual as one luxury more acquisitions in department stores or online catalog. And the not-so-lucky ones would have to settle for the role of rogue or "funny" in the theatre of swashbuckling.

They will then arisen pyramids of all kind and condition to explain the human psyche, and surely have released parallelepipeds and various geometric figures as a metaphor for our mind. But I have no desire to guglearlo even to corroborate it.

The practice of yoga breaks continually all the concepts, especially since the yoga relaxes the mind and makes it join with reality itself, which is pure change.

Equal that when the man (the astronaut) returns of the Moon- and not say if return of the planet Mars- and to the return to the land you put a microphone before it mouth to us count something. Equal the Buddha is lit up and said something after that trip (what was it first that said Buddha to the illuminate is?) (All is burning). Equal had said the philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus: the world is pure fire. This is the largest image of constant change.

To the master Sunryo Suzuki They asked him if he could summarize all of his teachings in a nutshell. He said: "Everything changes".

People sometimes like to define us with irony, sincerity, sharpness or self-criticism: "I'm like or asao, I'm dreamer, realistic, bold, imaginative, thoughtful, emotional, Moody, calculator, etc". But almost nobody is defined (or define other) as changed.

To the Swami Rudradev asked someone hurry in completion of an asana or yoga exercise: "I can bend the knees?". And he responded: "Bend your mind".

What goes before the spirituality or the sex? Praying or eating? Yoga or poetry?

Truly, the Maslow pyramid It was the other way around. Or perhaps human beings not can be painted like a pyramid but as the relentless push-pull of the waves on the beach in Barbate or the flame of a candle is only still if it is placed under the noses of a zen master.

Joaquín García Weil (photo: Vito Ruiz)Who is

Joaquín García Weil He graduated in philosophy, yoga teacher, Yoga room Malaga and pedagogical coordinator of the first course with official accreditation in Spain. Practice Yoga for 20 years and teaches it since makes eleven. Is student of the Swami Rudradev (disciple interest of Iyengar), with who has learned in the Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India. He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri de Benarés, among other masters.

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