Interview with violet Arribas: "There are many people who demand genuine yoga"

Violet Arribas is Director of Padmasana Center and also the driving of them days Madrid of Yoga, that the 29 of November held its third edition. With her, we talked about this event, one of the most important of which are organised in Madrid around yoga.

Violet arribas

What was your goal when you created the Madrid Conference?
It was like they are things: either not enforced or sought. There was even a goal; Ramiro Calle, who was my teacher, suggested to me that I could organize a day as that we did in his mental yoga Center, but where also had hatha yoga, and jointly give classes that day, me in the morning and the afternoon. Then I started to organize it, since in our Center to teach hatha limited us space, can not go more than 25 people. However, when carried out seminars special of meditation, then be arrived to the hundred. For this reason, to make a special encounter with psycho-physical techniques we needed wider elsewhere.

And so I did; I decided that it was the Auditorium Hotel and its rooms, since he had a good contact there through a family member. And as for the name, well, as it was originally a whole day of yoga in Madrid, I was baptized as Yoga day Madrid. Padmasana was responsible for the entire organization with great affection and the same spirit as the rest of the Centre's activities: share with all the genuine teachings and techniques of yoga.

How was the first call?
Was very well received and is filled. People thanked us enormously effort, passion and the contents of great quality, Mantra Yoga, Ayurveda, Hatha and meditation. Both I and Ramiro Calle it gave all in the classes. Ramiro is a great teacher who is always delivered in their seminars, not saved anything for himself, all can share their knowledge offering it without restriction.

The following year I decided to repeat the experience, why not?, and continue providing authentic yoga, not pseudoyoga, inviting other grandmasters. And so came Danilo Hernández, who was in charge of I seeing in Yoga Nidra. In addition we had a keynote presentations by conscious consumption and cosmic consciousness; I made my small contribution of Hatha Yoga and meditation. We also had the same excellent reception.

After two calls and about to start the third, would have you fulfilled your expectations? In what sense do you think this most significant success?
Expectations thanks to the yoga does not have too many, but both with the day as in my classes daily in Padmasana with my students, always is the same wish: disclose and transmit the most precious way of human development at least I've known, yoga. Don't know what I love more, if practice or spread all their methods; I suppose that in equal parts. I want to especially follow the essence of Patanjali yoga, as I Marvel how deepening Unraveling the text while you follow your sadhana mutate all your psychology and you get closer to your true nature. The potential is tremendous, I do not know anything like; his wisdom is incalculable and perfectly condensed all prior metaphysical research that the Yogis had cherished for centuries.

Success, failure, aren't the same thing? If fewer people go, it will be a great lesson, it is always if you do not look to the navel. Also, on the other hand, as more reduced is the number of students more special is the teaching for the Professor, unless more intimate and human, more complicity and closeness is da. In fact, I spoke of doing big things and I said, nor crazy, 100 or 120 people now I consider crowd. But is truth that also is combines a power precious when a hundred of souls is congregate, sing mantras and put the attention and intention, (heart and mind) in a same address. The result is powerful and healing.

Last year collaborated in the day Danilo Hernandez, one of the most charismatic Spanish teachers. What do you think this collaboration, which is repeated this year?
Danilo is not only a great teacher of Yoga with capital letters; It is also, or why a human being enormous, intimate and compassionate and with a sense of extraordinary humor. Don't you like nothing the fame and in it possible flees of mentions and of talk of what has made. Working with him has been a great learning.

My wish for the dissemination of yoga is very strong and I think that with a great teacher this is very easy you can reach more people. Not have price that Danilo is again with us and to address, during almost four hours, from all its depth. the most important pillar of yoga: meditation.

I am very lucky because from the beginning, both in Spain and in India, I've been well surrounded by great masters, and in some way make you follow on line your inner work, strengthen your will and determination to transform. It is true that I also consider as great masters figures like my own father or nature.

In relation to this next day of November, are "new" or strong points señalarías?
Because no doubt try, by Danilo, the essence of meditation, theory and practice, Patanjali yoga and how to bring closer it to our social, cultural and temporal reality. Nobody like him to scrutinize the sutras, give us keys to discernment expand and improve in our meditational practice.

Also new great contribution to Jayesh James will give to the event. For those who don't know, is a great hatha Yogi born in Kerala. Takes many years dedicated to the practice and teaching of the true hatha yoga, and although dominates practically all them asanas advanced, not would be rather than a gymnast if not is by his great heart and its special opening of mind that the real yoga you has provided. That locals can enjoy it, in addition to their regular students, in two special classes where go to harmonizing energy and increasing latent mental potential, is going to be very special and endearing.

For my part, I'm going to dig deeper in Ayurveda as a sister science of Yoga, handing many tools so that attendees can improve their psychosomatic unit, with patterns of diet, habits and lifestyle, debugging, etc. In addition, this is the first year that include much material on DVD, no less than four books, two of yoga and ayurveda, and two sessions in Danilo Nidra audio, so that they can continue to expand, deepen and practicing.

How do Madrid practitioners respond to calls of yoga like this?
With much love and eager to join and practice together. Many is truth that not can do it because it economy sometimes not us allows point us to all those courses or events that deserve the penalty, but the response is fabulous; There are many people who demand genuine yoga and that they do not want to miss it.

Do see what evolution in this short but important sessions path?
It is early to speak of evolution; We will see how is this third and that us holds the tomorrow. I prefer to live every day; also with the advance of them years will pass each time more time in the nature to meet me in she definitely, hahaha.

I just got back from India one year more, and I was getting sat sang of Swami Vimalananda. the current Guruji of the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. I can not express what I feel when I see the highest goal of yoga made flesh in this and other beings; the State of liberation that we spread, albeit temporarily, and with it the determination to continue disseminating the methods and benefits of yoga to the world.

Although nearly everything is illusory in that multiple mirrors mirror, It is worth continuing the search and learning self thanks to Yoga, the perfect tool for this.

As a paragraph from one of my favorite books, says the Tripura Rahasya, more than ten centuries old and belonging to the Tantric Sakta tradition, which both Ramana Maharsi recommended: "until not cutting the millions of knots that form the illusion cord, will not get the happiness you are looking for. This rope is the ignorance of our own nature, and those knots are rooted from time immemorial and Manhattan to the men. Cut those knots of identification with what we are not is liberation."

The program of the III day Madrid Yoga

The motto: The essence of meditation. Hatha. Ayurveda

When: Saturday 29 November 2014, 9.00-14.30 h and 15.45 - 21.00 h (Please be punctual, it is recommended to access the lounge 15 or 20 minutes before the start).

Where: Hotel Auditorium in Madrid. Room Rome, Avenida de Aragón, 400.

Target audience: all those practitioners of yoga and the evolution of consciousness lovers, regardless of their physical level or practice time.

-9:00 to 10:40 h. Classical Hatha Yoga. Pranayama and Asanas. Excellent class of yogasanas and pranayama guided by Jayesh James, who intended in this first class morning that feel the yoga, that are in yoga in each posture.
An asana is a position of the body or physical attitude which has an objective concretely for some part of the body that acts on three different levels as it could not be otherwise:

  • Fisico-organico level: Each asana acts by concentrating, in base to the body position, the blood and energy circulation, in a body area and organic centers that includes this area, renewing them and regenerating them.
  • Emotional level: insofar as it affects certain organs tends to trigger the genre of emotions of these centres. In the asana is also immersed Yoga at all levels unit, which produces the one interesting inter-relationship which induces the self-knowledge and the proper management of our emotions.
  • Level Mental: the mind low the rhythm of their processes by adjusting is to the rhythm body which favours the concentration and the State meditative.
  • Spiritual level: Practitioner goes internalized ever more deeply in its being to connect with your true I through this process of induction through the body.

With the Asana is pass them stages preparatory and of purification of the yamas and niyamas entering in a process sculptural and plastic that makes return to the man to the meeting of itself same. It is said that through constant and correct practice, amounts to the man many rungs in the evolution psychophysics, reaching the Super-conscious threshold.
Jayesh in the last minutes of class, will give a talk from his intimate and personal approach to what is for him, hatha yoga, how lives it and why he decided in his native India, approaching his practice years ago.

-10:40-11:00 h. Rest.

-11:00-14.30 h. The essence of meditation theory and practice with Danilo Hernandez.
The final result of the process of meditation is the experience of being, of the latest "essential". Get to know what we really are beyond our identification with the usual references.
The body is a reference, the information provided to us by the senses are references, references are the emotions, thoughts are references... At this meeting you will learn how go dropping progressively references, stripping us of our identifications, to finally bring us to the experience of pure consciousness.
It is not one workshop more. It is a work that distills the essence of the practice of meditation. It also is intended to develop a deep understanding of the process of meditation and the meditator to learn to adjust the practice to their own reality and real needs.
This work summarizes the common quintessence of traditional meditation techniques, such as; Antar Mouna, Vipassana, Shine, Zazen, etc. It is a proposal open to all: non-initiates, beginners, veterans and experts.
Danilo Hernández (Swami Digambar) teaches yoga in Spain for more than 25 years.

-14:30-15:45 h. Food

-15:45-18.30 h. Ayurveda, the key and methods that all practitioner of yoga must know to purify your body, promote the health and it longevity and optimize the work of the yoga. With violet Arribas.
Ayurveda is based on the idea that there are three forms of energy vital for life called doshas. They are vata, pitta and kapha. We are all made of a unique combination of these three forces. This unique combination, determined at the moment of conception, is our Constitution or prakruti.
These forces constantly oscillate according to our environment which includes diet, seasons of the year, climate, age and many other factors. The current status of these three doshas commonly defines our imbalance or vikruti. Since everyone has a unique Constitution and only imbalances, it makes sense that the path of every person to health is also unique. This is an important principle of Ayurveda. Moreover, what will keep us healthy, is also unique. Understand our prakruti and vikruti offers to each one of us the possibility of taking decisions right along our roads.
To understand these forces and how they interact with our environment, it is necessary to understand the 5 elements. Either that we are talking about diet, climate, or yoga, everything can be described in terms of these five elements, and this includes the three doshas. The importance of understanding the characteristics of the doshas, increased and opposition that will balance them, allows that the practice of yoga, diet and other factors of our environment can be adjusted also to affect these forces so that they help us to create greater balance and harmony. We will then review healthy Ayurvedic dosha, both feeding schedules, hygiene, Detox, yoga, exercise, daily routine and General general, etc... A full three hour comprehensive health workshop.

-18: 30-19:00 h. Rest.

-19:00-20:20 h. Hatha Yoga (Asanas). Continuation of the morning work with hatha yoga, including new physical postures of greatest challenge, such as balance and strength. Jayesh James teaches.
More advanced postures teach us to greatly increase our ability to concentrate and to see life with equal challenge, knowing that we can go forward, rung to rung, variant to Variant; Here there is not I. Variations are always displayed
simpler in the case that you can not run them, but you have to try...

-20:20-21:00 h. Relaxation with mantra savasana in charge of violet Arribas and meditation relaxed with bowls and sound Manager David Berges.

-21:00 h. End of the day.

Price: €75 (10% off students from Padmasana)
It includes a DVD of gift books and texts of support. It contains two books on yoga in PDF format, with a large number of meditations and different techniques, two sessions of Yoga Nidra by Danilo Hernandez audio, two books of Ayurveda (one of recipes and other general), as well as ancient classical texts of yoga and philosophy a unique compendium of Yoga and Ayurveda to be able to continue working your sadhana.

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