Terry Oldfield's concert and Soraya Saraswati

Saturday 25 October, Terry Oldfield, brother of Mike Oldfield, and Soraya Saraswati will give a concert in a unique ecological camping of Arbizu, Navarre, headquarters of the Magic Yoga school Amari.

Terry Oldfield Soraya

It will be a magical night, in which the composer Terry Oldfield and his wife Yoga Acharya Soraya Saraswati acclaimed around the world, musicians share universal mantras, original songs and soundscapes for the awakening of the heart.

The early entry will cost €25 and €40 box office.

Sunday, October 26 both musicians and Yogis will offer a workshop entitled "The science of the inner stillness". Thus explain its contents: "inner stillness is the place from which manan true inspiration and action. To evolve towards those compassionate and loving beings who we want to be, the development of inner stillness and act from this non-reaction point is our main choice".

The day shelter will include content such as:

  • The philosophy of the inner stillness through Vedic tradition.
  • The stages of Antar Mouna or Inner Silence meditation practice.
  • A journey of Sound Healing with Ancient Ceremony Unción (essential oils).
  • Deep meditation in positions leading to the inner stillness

It organizes: Magic Yoga Amarati Eskola.

Contact: 630 777 130. nebani9@yahoo.es

More information: http://yogamagico.blogspot.com.es

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