Workshop Tantric Yoga with Michael Stewart

Tantra and Hatha Yoga are deeply United among themselves by their roots. Discover this transcendent connection in the workshop of Michael J. Stewart of twelve hours, on 4 and 5 October in Elche and the 11 and 12 October in Madrid, School international of Yoga.

Michael J Stewart

Hatha is a powerful practice that allows us to unite two powers opposed in a symbiotic relationship of clarity and transformation. The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit, and its root means expansion.

He program is develops as a practice integrative of them different elements that make up the practice of the Hatha Yoga focusing is, above all, in the view Tantric.

The experience of Tantra seeks the connection between the transcendent or the divine and ourselves this Course of specialization It is focused towards the subtle perception that allows us such reconnection. Is directed to practitioners with certain degree of knowledge of asana and pranayama, and especially recommended to instructors and teachers of yoga.

Biomechanics of asana

Within this proposed dynamic sequences of asanas with specific instructions of alignment will take place to provide fluidity; is a practice ingretativa that provides the opportunity of experiencing the deep interrelationship between Hatha and Tantra.

The content of the course of specialization covers the Biomechanics of the asana, a deep investigation on the alignment and adjustment of the asana by each practitioner.

In addition the program delves in the practice of pranayama, mantras, mudras and dharana.

This great workshop offered by Michael J. Stewart will end with a Open kirtan to all that one that is interested but not has participated in the workshop. Aims to be an experience experiential, enriching and shared.

This is a unique event with music and mysticism. Michael combines his training musical African with them extensive knowledge of mantras traditional acquired during many years and giving to this practice devotional the quality of the Bhakti.

International School of Yoga
-In Madrid: visit Headquarters. 134 Calle Fuencarral, entry by Albuquerque, 28010 T 91 416 6881
-In Elche: 965 446 674 T

4 and 5 October in Elche
11-12 October in Madrid

Opening hours:
Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00
Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00
Special kirtan - open to the public - Sunday

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