Interview with Swami Dayananda: "yoga makes everyday life in self-knowledge"

He was born and raised in Buenos Aires. Be mentally prepared to learn architecture, but ended up studying economics. He began the practice of yoga in the years of University and already did not abandon it, especially in the era in which the difficulties of life became patents. He began to meditate regularly and completely changed his life. Is an interview Yoga in network.

Swami Dayananda

Some years more afternoon opened their doors the Centro Sivananda of Buenos Aires and get there was as the return to the home. Completed the stage and the role of educate to his son and with his blessing, began its road of resigns, living in the center of Yoga first and taking votes of sannyas, resigns, more afternoon.

Swami Dayananda is one of the main teachers of the course of training for teachers of Yoga Sivananda which takes place from August 18 to September 14 in La Casa Toya, Madrid, Zaragoza.

How found to the yoga in his career vital and how has been its evolution in relation to the yoga? What is their path to convert is in Swami Dayananda?
I could say that I found yoga by "chance", if you believe that chance exists. I discovered it through a television program in which a teacher was talking above Yoga and they showed images of a class, something quite strange to see over thirty years ago. Wanting to know more, I bought a book that accompanies me since: Hatha Yoga, Swami Sivananda.

The "chance" continued to operate when walking down a street, why not used to traveling, I saw a sign that said, "Yoga" and entering the same teacher I had seen on the television program found. There began my training by "chance" in the teachings of Swami Sivananda, because this Professor, of Hungarian origin, had formed in India with a disciple of Swami Sivananda.

After practicing several years in that place I started pilgrimage through different centers looking for, without knowing it then, a more direct connection with teachers and teaching. It found to the get for first time to the Centro Sivananda. that recently opened its doors in Buenos Aires. What they had read and learned began to take body and to acquire real meaning.

As I progressed in my practice, the conviction that unfolded yoga was a path I wanted to walk fully. It took several years more for this to be fulfilled, but it was positive that so.

Had still other things by do and learn, things that enriched the road and I prepared for this stage, as Swami, that came without effort and in the time appropriate.

Looking in retrospective, today I can see that there was a power that directed my life by the trail that I would take to take votes of sannyas, resigns. Is as if always had known that would be so, but only now can see it.

Since my first encounter with yoga, something awoke within me which led me step by step through this way, helping me to illuminate the moments most difficult and dark of my life with the light of the wisdom of the yoga.

What you would like to transmit mainly in his next participation in the training of teachers of Sivananda in Madrid, Spain?
I would like to be able to transmit the teachings of yoga in all its purity, without altering them with personal convictions.

Our teachers, Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, taught the Yoga of the Scriptures, a knowledge ancestral that retains a total force after thousands of years.

Scientific advances failed to demonstrate, after centuries, the validity of the principles set forth by the Yogis on the creation of the universe, matter and energy. Modern experiments showed the effects of the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation at the level of the body and the mind. All this highlights the knowledge that these beings were extracted and left as a legacy to humanity.

Would what highlights the approach of the Sivananda Yoga teachers courses worldwide?
Teacher training courses are an "immersion in yoga". Personally, I think that it was my first real Yoga experience, while when I did it took several years practicing.

Regardless of whether you have previous experience or not, the course takes experience and immerse yourself in all aspects of yoga.

Intensive practice, the right environment and lifestyle enhance the effects of the practice and allow you to install new habits of life more positive and healthy in the span of a month.

What have of be the qualities of a good teacher, in your opinion?
A factor important is that the teacher does not neglect his practice personal, Since that is projected on teaching transmitting. It is said that a good yoga teacher will also be a good student, because learning is not limited to graduate in a course of teachers, to take specialized courses or follow any other theoretical training. It learned has real value when you applied in the life daily.

Yoga shifts the perspective from living is the everyday, making everyday life a school of self-knowledge.

The same practice goes developing or asserting appropriate skills to teach yoga, such as:
positive thinking,
open-mindedness and the development of love
and respect for all creation.

How do you yoga currently live and believe that it still giving you after so many years of dedication to his teaching?
Today live yoga with deep appreciation. I can't find better words to describe my love for yoga and the privilege of being able to transmit it to others. Each course of teachers is a unique experience in which those who are teaching we learn much more.

There is difference between is evolving yoga in Latin America to Spain or other countries?
The number of practitioners of yoga continues to grow around the world, which is demonstrated by the number of courses and new Yoga centers that appear. The differences seen between different countries are minimal and are given mainly by the cultural characteristics of each one.

There are countries in which the emphasis is more on physical practice, in some devotional singing is what generates great enthusiasm, while there are others more inclined to philosophy and meditation.

A feature particular of the yoga in Latin America is the expansion that is taking between people very young, especially in the courses of training of teachers.

In Spain there is an always open debate on the evolution of traditional yoga and the current range of "modern yogas". How do you rate this item?
I think that who is in the process of evolution is the individual and in the process it is changing his way of connecting with the yoga, but the ultimate goal of Yoga, which is the knowledge of being, can not evolve because it is the Supreme knowledge.

I personally think that all the "modern yogas" will finally lead to traditional yoga to those who follow a regular practice, and in many cases are a boost for a first approach to the yoga of people that they would not make it through the traditional practice.

Would you like to comment especially about yoga?
Just highlight the universality of yoga and its message of unity in diversity, promoting peace and union among all beings.

More information the presence of Swami Dayananda in the course of teacher training yoga Sivananda, which takes place from August 18 to September 14 in La Casa Toya, Madrid, Zaragoza, in

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