Interview with Teofilo Calvo: "We are fragments of cosmic consciousness"

A biochemical researcher, says it which has its substance. It also tells us how each year checks, on the ground and with analytical, the amazing benefits of yoga for health, on the occasion of training of teachers of the Sivananda, in which it is already a regular. It is a Yoga network interview.

Teofilo Calvo

Researcher, pharmacist and biochemist from the Complutense University of Madrid, its eclectic vision of official medicine and holistic medicine, science and alternative systems of knowledge, takes you to integrate with respect and rigour "best of everything" ("You can not be taliban anything," says). It is not strange that speaker be so successful among engineers as among Yogis.

Theophilus takes three years giving lectures in the courses of training for teachers of Sivananda (TTC: Teachers Trainig Course). For a month, the Madrid Casa Toya (Zaragoza) is transformed into a temple of yogic knowledge but also - and this is much less known - in a living laboratory of control of the benefits of yoga.

What you realize in your research about yoga?
When I give my lectures to the TTC of Sivananda, I'm always the microscope for analysis to the group, which is heterogeneous in their physical conditions and habits. But as control group is priceless for a researcher because during the four weeks of the course they sleep at the same time, they will eat the same thing, they will do the same exercises of yoga, they meditate... That makes that go homogeneity among them.

We see its just blood tests at the beginning of the year and there is a great variability, and when I go over three weeks later to check what has happened after that good nutrition Ayurvedic (balanced, no stimulants, no preservatives), pranayama, meditation, Asana, rest they appear to others, life has changed them.

It is very nice because it is the practical demonstration of the benefits of yoga and the lifestyle that goes with it in just three weeks. Beautiful, very oxygenated, bloods are and those who arrived with acidity or lacking debugging are normalized. There is such a lot of changes that impact, so all students want to present themselves as volunteers for these tests.

This year, in the course that begins on August 18, to give two lectures. One is titled "We are what we eat".
In addition to a Conference, it is a necessary complaint. In a society as technified as ours, that it has advanced so far that it is capable of sending ships out of the Solar system and to implant brain, however the development of our health is being inversely proportional to technological development: the more advance more patients are.

What is happening? All technological development has been at the service of food production based on the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which have entered the food chain - and not only human but of all animals in general - and is going to the detriment of the biology and generating diseases unknown until recently well little.

In the 1960s and 70's, the introduction of chemicals of high power gave rise to diseases that were rare until then, such as allergies and autoimmune diseases, or even breast cancer, which before the 1960s was not anything common and today is the leading cause of death in women, apart from cardiovascular disease.

At that Conference I you want to denounce all that much. We are a society oversees, but costs, profits, profitability, but not in quality of life or in level of consciousness on the relations between human beings and nature and Gaia in general.

At the end of my lecture, the question is: what us is being in the moment Summit of the technological development of a civilization if we are going to destroy if we thus? The forecast is that the entire world population for the year 2050 is allergic...

It is felt more but not better...
He lives worse. Before life was shorter, and obviously the development of drugs makes for one greater worldwide survival. But would at the expense of what? Not have rheumatoid arthritis, and pass me forty years of my life taking drugs of continuous feel to me. Maybe I prefer a slightly shorter but more dignified life...

Another conference that will give in the Sivananda teacher training is "Are we?" …
We went there the hand of quantum physics. We are a construction of our brain: what we think we are. Our brain is an interpreter of realities; build realities from sensory organs. What for us is a flower, a bee is very different, because their vision is different. So that there are as many realities as modes of perceiving them, and if we delve more we came to the conclusion that reality does not exist, is not more than a State in which appears the energy, because everything is energy in the cosmos. The human being is also energy. It is clear that we have a body, but it is only the material anchor of a being that it is purely energy.

Quantum physics tells us that there are thirteen dimensions. If we only perceive four, the perception that we have of reality is very poor. What if we were able to feel or experience the true reality through all dimensions you need the universe to be as it is?

We conclude the Conference with the origin of life, analyzing whether it is a downward causation - i.e. that a being superior has put us here - or is a upward causation, in which random has put together the first atoms, has formed the first amino acids, proteins, cells that have been reproduced... The final surprise is a very valid statistical analysis to demonstrate that, in my opinion, the existence of the human being and the life is a process of intelligent creation. Random can not create something so complex and also give the first cell of something as intentional as the ability to reproduce.

In one of your conferences you have your "conversion", because you were agnostic, as a good scientist... Until you reflect on the "miracle of life", which is the transmission of the information to continue creating life...
Stanley Miller discovers in the 1940s the first amino acids, the "primordial soup", trying to reproduce the conditions that allegedly begins life 3,800 million years ago. This scientist has spent 60 years trying but has failed to create proteins or cells. Not have realized that life is not a trick, but something intentional. If random would have created as he says that evolution and concatenation of molecules, would lead us to the point of the creation of the first cell, but this could become extinct, destroyed. And new random would have to generate a new first cell.

But what happened in reality 3,800 million years ago is that, in addition to the first cell will generate very complex chains of nucleic acids which serve to realize everything that has emerged allegedly by chance in a structure perfectly stable and Whatman so all that information is perpetuated. That is not random. The perpetuation is something that we can not attribute the laws of probability, but a creative intention. That's where my opens that another paradigm: not everything has a scientifically provable explanation and yet is.

As a scientist, what is your explanation that the yoga works?
The entire universe is energy, then we are also, but energy is something very volatile, neither creates nor is destroyed; only becomes. And there is not a specific continent for power, it is always flowing, and only seen when it decides to materialized in a denser form, which is the matter.

We are confined to a body energy, and this requires a lot of nodes (those seventy-something thousand nadis) which hold that permanent Strip and loosens an energetic being. The nadis are a series of regulatory channels of energy flow that provides a structure, and are the meridians and chakras.

Depending on the asana, we are going to mobilize a few channels or others, and these channels are connected with certain functions of the organism. Therefore the asanas have the function of balance bioenergeticamente certain organs and physiological functions for the maintenance of life. Yoga is the connection with the energy and what we can do for him.

You can also move the chakras through intention, meditation and the mind, because energy follows thought. Therefore, we have many tools to help our body maintain health in an environment so sadly toxic as we have: eating less toxic as possible, an environment as clean and harmonious as possible and the practice of yoga and meditation.

The practice of yoga and meditation we're doing is rearranging and rebalance so that energy being which is confined to a material structure can be stable and balanced and fulfil its role and its mission. Because if we are here with this degree of complexity is for something.

What is the meaning for you, this temporary travel?
It is the big question... I think that he is learning, that continued to roll it is as life is expressed in Eastern cultures, and each lap is an opportunity to improve. As fragments of quantum or cosmic consciousness, we are here for that, in the process of learning, we go making prosper consciousness itself. When a being has made progress enough to understand these things so high, I think that no longer needed that is materially concrete and now remains as an energy being.

Collectively, where do we go? Because it seems that we are getting it very easy ourselves as a species...
Yes, because we don't see the reality of what we are. Most of mankind is the world like headless chicken, they try to pass it as best as possible, have life as comfortable as possible at the expense of anything else. And humanity has to acquire a global sense to be able to, as a single consciousness, of analyzing what is best for herself.

Right now there is fragmentation of interests, wills, conflicts and wars all over the world, abounding in the division and the ego. And nor realize that the evolution of human consciousness has come to understand that we are not isolated from the detachment and the abandonment of the ego but interpenetrados and connected. Absolutely everything we do has a reverberation in space-time.

Human is running so far in a fully unitary way, and has to realize that it is not more than a fragment of consciousness and it is vibrating with the environment. If my interests are to the detriment of your own, ill let us all. The road is what I do you will benefit you at the same time. Thus we can learn all and generate a humanity that is cohesive, self-sustaining and balanced, and to not generate this level of inequalities and of atrocities in which we are engaged.

Do you think that that will be possible, seen factors that threaten even to the human being as a species?
There is a large part of humanity that is already taking that step, but there is a vast majority that do not and that is crushing the rest. In that case I think that change is going to occur by hook or by crook; or she is the change voluntarily or us extinguiremos, as the dinosaurs. We will lose the opportunity to learn, and cosmic consciousness will try again with another form of life.

Autoimmune diseases

Teofilo Calvo confesses to having the heart game between his profession as a researcher and your (very successful) inquiry of healer. "I am much interested in autoimmune diseases, these failures of the immune system and how and why they have multiplied in recent decades. There are some that can end a person's life, and others that do not end with it but give you many years of very bad life and chronic suffering. Try with this research is finding solutions that could be applied in this type of Pathology".

Why the human body assaulted by itself?
Because he has become confused it. In a clean, healthy environment, it happens. When I was a child, 48 years ago, there was no allergy; Today they are 45% of the kids. What happened? We introduced preservatives, chemicals in the environment, raising agents, acidulants, and these substances are anchored to the structure of the body and confuse our immune system, which develops an aggressive response against something which is considered external and that can supposedly be harmful. It is a failure of recognition.

Another factor that has aggravated this is that, as we are pure energy and our cells emit an electromagnetic field, the fact of living immersed in the electromagnetic fields (very powerful appliances such as mobile, TVs, radios) disturbs the own cellular interaction, there is too much noise to the signal reaches all those transmitters and receivers which are the cells clean. This is Russian roulette by which mankind is playing. Why not is a change of attitude there? Because it involves breaking with colossal interests. It is the great paradigm that is facing the world if it is to survive, and for that you have to be brave.

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