Accept the truth or close the heart?

My mind is full of anger every time I hear talk to someone against them political, not stand that surge of "want it worse to them rulers". How can we practice the goodness loving towards those beings? Many people have spent years meditating, and continue years hating. Not have could make facing that type of emotions conflict: is your fight by find the peace. By Koncha pines-Pey for space MIMIND.

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But how can love to officials or banks letting homeless families?, I asked a student who works in courts.

For many years I have worked in the field of human rights and civil rights, and I have seen how the activists "hated to death the enemy". How they abandoned their children to save others, as they cheated on their wives to defend other most disadvantaged. How they cheated themselves, in the arms of a deafening messianism. What makes the adrenaline and the ignorance! To the not responsibility is of their emotions, the projected in fights; all for not recognizing his own struggle, his great betrayal, its great abandonment wound of the helplessness that drag.

The betrayal of a friend, a painful rupture, an unfair situation move us feelings of indignation, anger, disgust, anger and rage. We have to deal with this internal hostility, that feeling of persistent separation that devours us little loving goodness that was us. The repeated attempts of wasteland forgiveness conspicuous by their absence. Even properly installed in the meditation teachers feel hatred, and they suffer and the anger comes out to meet.

It is a great ethical dilemma:How not to fall into the indignation, rage and alienation, maintaining your motivation for social justice and the common good? In the same way that when a partner dissolves, how set aside the anger, bitterness, abandonment, guilt and claim what is right when it comes to children?

A boy told me that he did not trust itself to meditate. That when was of set his mind on a point, is felt as if under the cushion had thousands of fleas. That if I thought in something bad, increased his fixation. A man full of pain - because his wife has abandoned her family - ask me: do I have to take pills or meditate?

A possibility-in others-for them meditators is transform the experiences of the life that we cause hostility doing a practice of reconciliation full. Them people that do this practice, get reduce drastically them effects side of fall in the arms of them demons. Particularly in difficult situations: marriage and family. Only by reconciling us with ourselves we can make progress.

Repair the confidence

Reconcile has much to do with making compatible, harmonizing and repair trust. We could also say that it is "feel real with one same", reconcile the feelings and ideas to reality. When is practice the reconciliation full, there are moments of pain and polarity in one and in the other. But if we allow that our heart not is closing to the others, will be trying to of align the mind and heart... accepting them as they are, including them, and not excluding them.

There is a tremendous cost in closing the heart to others. In the level more practical, we filled of hate, anger and rage, and that is the position initial more clear for sick. Is reproduces the feeling of despair, victimization that in psychology know as "helplessness learned". To the deny us to reconcile us with us, are draining the energy to them things continue happening in a sense given: continue being the victim. "Do not expect anything better, not worth, you will never get it. '' Close the heart to others implies a serious contract with yourself: the others are always clumsy and better that don't feel anything towards anyone.

Practice the reconciliation full is align and massaging the heart to be as you are... time to time. Not is is of giving or of feel you defeated, but not of being coherent with what are feeling. It is a way of embrace the totality of the full experience, in which nothing is left out - even what you is unbearable-. When you not separate you from your parts, you have more access to the full wisdom and your true values, and therefore your actions are more skilled.

To begin to reconcile, should recognize the truth that there are substantial differences between us and the others. Between you and the other. The reconciliation not is that those differences disappear, not you can convert in what the others want that seas, not can be friend of all the world. Rather is the try and the wish of be connected to something "sacred", although, in this time, despite the differences and of trying to find the peace, sometimes find pain.

Not you am asking that leave the defense of what think correct or right, and that des it useless or harmful by sitting... only to be in peace with them others. For starters, I ask that you go releasing inner tension that blocks the acceptance of the truth as it is. If they have left you... that it is true. If they have deceived you... that it is true. If have abused of you... that is true. Once the truth has been accepted and is releases that energy, the situation can resolve is of a way that will bring the peace inside. Sometimes the resolution is no longer speak with someone.

Full reconciliation is not the end point of the practice; It is the place that began its journey, the heart to love. Through reconciliation, we gain momentum toward fundamental goodness. An unconditional guarantee to be able continue wishing all beings love, regardless of conditions or causes that have created.

A woman who has divorced her husband, is now able to experience loving kindness towards him. Because he only wants to be happy. That said Buddha. In the same way that I, all beings deserve compassion--nourish that tormented demon. Reconciliation provides the recognition of "common humanity" and this alignment allows that qualities emerge so that the heart is expressed.

Buddha taught us that you must not cling to the points of view, that hatred never overcomes hatred. I hope that you reconcilies with those with whom you've had difficulties in life. That all beings everywhere be reconciled.

Sometimes strong emotions arise and what you feel is everything less acceptance and reconciliation. Not you discouraged: this is the best time ideal for practice and for opening your heart to your values more deep.

That all the people and the land are reconciled.

That the merit of this practice is the liberation of all beings.


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