Mudra: Pushpaputa Mudra

This mudra during meditation practice attracts support and serenity in your life when you need it. In order to obtain this assistance, you must be open to it and offer.


The hands rest as if they were empty bowls on the thighs. The fingers are relaxed and together, and the thumbs glued to the outer edge of the indices.

It is the attitude open and acceptance. What wealth we have prepared the life and the universe? How many times we even are aware of them, and they spend long or are closed, both inside and outside.

How often we do not perceive the delicate signs of the universe and only return to the right path by a blow of fate. All this us could save it if we had an open attitude. The reason why we closed is, in addition to the indifference, fear. Now, we must not forget that evil cannot penetrate us, or make us anything if we try to maintain a clean heart, this is a cosmic law. We can only attract what is also in us. That is why animico-mental hygiene is so important. Few times to avoid that they occasionally sprout in us negative emotions, but we can always work them and transform them. It is part of our growth process.

The Pushpaputa Mudra does this open attitude is revealed. The world we enriqueceremos only with open hands and only with a mind and a soul open cosmic consciousness can give us.

The two hands are as Open flowers; imagine another flower on your head. During inspiration come from the cosmos golden rays that embody love, heat, joy and peace, and flowing to your inside through the open flowers. Let yourself be filled by them (contain a moment breathing) and during exhalation radiates all that wealth to the world through his heart.

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By • 12 mar, 2014 • section: Practice