Book / the Sutra of Benares, the first discourse of the Buddha

The Dhammacakkappavattanasutta It is one of the most important sutras in Buddhism. All Buddhist traditions consider it - unanimously - the first speech given by the Buddha in Benares after their experience of awakening. Translation and comments by Ado Parakranabahu. Kairos edit it.

The Sutra of VaranasiIn only a few stanzas sutra in a poetic and simple language exposes the essence of the teachings of the Buddha, which gravitate around the "Four noble truths". They provides a diagnosis of the existential crisis in which we find ourselves human beings, as well as the causes of its origin. And the good news of the cessation of suffering, through the practice of the "Noble path" will be exposed.

Understanding the "four noble truths" is almost synonymous with understand Buddhism as a whole. It remains the best way to introduce us in the teaching of the Buddha.

This bilingual edition offers Spanish-language translation of the original text, and a grammatical analysis of each word and each verse, accompanied by notes and a brief explanation of the most important concepts for the understanding of the text

The translator

ADO Parakranabahu He is an expert in Buddhism, teacher of meditation, traveller and translator of Sanskrit and pali.

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